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Dec 11, 2018 · Chronically Ill: Travelling by myself to Mayo Clinic FL first time in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Coordinated care in 2018 is more difficult; there seems to be less healthcare professional collegiality. Privacy regulations and legal action seem to limit our connections! I'm glad for these discussion groups! This week I'm trying to coordinate my primary care physician access with my two emergency department trips to the local hospital. Their patient portals won't talk to each other. I will make phone calls to each systems patient care coordinators. If necessary, I will order electronic copies of my two ED visits, print out copies for my primary physician and request that she look at the radiology reports very closely! Vigilant patient attention seems to increase my knowledge of my self and grow a huge paper pile! I do have at least one Rare Condition of which an ED physician advised me to seek more cardiology care. The Rare Disease with NIH.gov

Oct 6, 2018 · info AND TIPS ABOUT GOING TO mayo in Rochester without an appt in Visiting Mayo Clinic

I hope your loved one and you are feeling better with Mayo. Mayo Clinics are so busy, that whatever you can do to help, especially with sharing results and building cooperation between Mayo consultants and your home-based health care team, will benefit you. I persisted in providing the necessary permissions for each health care provider and Mayo specialists so that necessary clinical information did get shared.

Sep 29, 2018 · info AND TIPS ABOUT GOING TO mayo in Rochester without an appt in Visiting Mayo Clinic

My cardiologist naively tried to contact Mayo Cardiology-Rochester scheduling and was told that I had to self-refer. His clinic staff might have had a better way to provide a physician referral. My first referral had to be cancelled because of my unexpected hospital admission. The second attempt, with my previous patient registration, I cancelled the patient referral until I could travel and then requested specifically that I be scheduled with the cardiologist researcher who had more experience with my problem condition. I was happy to meet with the specialist and so many people at Mayo-Rochester and make a new plan within 5 days. I am so thankful.

Sep 2, 2018 · Bradycardia in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My goal at age 76 is better health with a plan to avoid hospital ER trips. I want to avoid occasional bradycardia. I suspect problems with coronary artery spasms or respiratory infections result in bradycardia. How does a cardiologist diagnose bradycardia from an electrocardiogram (EKG)?