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3 days ago · Fodmap Eating Plan in Digestive Health

Theresa, thank you for your input! Sadly, Covid19 has caused me to be quarantined because of Metastatic BC, Chemo, and age!
Of course, being at home 24/7 heightens a desire for comfort foods, which heightens IBS symptoms!
Have you heard anything about the recommendation of Bifidm MlmBb75. A probiotic that has been in Clinical Trials! Moo1

3 days ago · Fodmap Eating Plan in Digestive Health

Theresa, can you forward the website for the FODMAP diet with menus and places to buy needed items! Looking for guidance! Moo1

Sat, Jun 27 12:01pm · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Ingegerd, your answers are all good possibilities! May I add a hiatal hernial to your suggestions? Moo1

Fri, Jun 12 10:31am · IBS, CFS, or autoimmune in Digestive Health

Hi John, my Costochondritis is on the right side, in the rib area where I had a Mastectomy! Any feedback on right sided pain?

Sat, Apr 25 1:58pm · Floaters Only Vitrectomy in Eye Conditions

Susan, thanks for your reply! I’ve had the clump of “floater debris” for several years. It never dropped from it’s current location.
I did have cataract surgery 3 or 4 years ago with success, but the floater didn’t budge My surgeon had hoped it would drop,
But sadly it didn't! Thanks for the advice from you and others who replied! After this Covid19 Crisis, I will pursue the right path
to get help!

Fri, Apr 24 5:38pm · Floaters Only Vitrectomy in Eye Conditions

Susan, et al. My ophthalmologist called my floaters, “vitreous debris”. He stressed that surgery is dangerous and he didn’t recommend it! It never dropped
like he thought it would. The football shaped debris never dropped and blocks two letters of every word I read. It’s in the left eye and so annoying! I don’t
know how the “bubble” works to eradicate the vitreous debris. Is there any other method to remove or move it or cause it to drop below my sight line. Moo1

Oct 30, 2019 · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Has your Doc checked Costochondritis! ..?

Sep 14, 2019 · Want to talk about treatment after Whipple Surgery for Pancreatic Ca in Pancreatic Cancer

Recovery can take a few months, depending on how much of the pancreas was removed, re-attached, whether other parts of the digestive
system were altered, etc. Blood glucose has to be monitored for a few months in case the Whipple changed how much insulin is still being
naturally produced. Most patients will need the aid of digestive enzymes. Creon is usually prescribed to be taken with meals. Weight loss is
often 20 to 30 pounds after the Whipple. Hopefully your Cancer Center has Support Services that offer help with food choices, Physical Therapy
and a Patient Navigator to coordinate needed care, support and advice during the healing process. Be patient, the Whipple is a life saving, but
Digestive altering procedure. It will take the good part of a year to discover the “new normal”. This advice come from a breast cancer survivor
caretaker! Moo1