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Wed, Oct 30 11:55am · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Has your Doc checked Costochondritis! ..?

Sat, Sep 14 11:24am · Want to talk about treatment after Whipple Surgery for Pancreatic Ca in Pancreatic Cancer

Recovery can take a few months, depending on how much of the pancreas was removed, re-attached, whether other parts of the digestive
system were altered, etc. Blood glucose has to be monitored for a few months in case the Whipple changed how much insulin is still being
naturally produced. Most patients will need the aid of digestive enzymes. Creon is usually prescribed to be taken with meals. Weight loss is
often 20 to 30 pounds after the Whipple. Hopefully your Cancer Center has Support Services that offer help with food choices, Physical Therapy
and a Patient Navigator to coordinate needed care, support and advice during the healing process. Be patient, the Whipple is a life saving, but
Digestive altering procedure. It will take the good part of a year to discover the “new normal”. This advice come from a breast cancer survivor
caretaker! Moo1

Tue, Jul 23 8:48pm · Unknown Body Odor in Digestive Health

cs Bowles. Very interesting article for a mystery medical problem. Hope it helps Depresed.

Wed, Jul 17 4:43pm · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Digestive Health

Colleen, thanks for forwarding the NIC website! Moo1

Wed, Jul 17 12:14pm · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Digestive Health

susandc and others, please read new treatments for Pancreatic Cancer on the National Cancer Institute’s website! Moo1

Wed, Jul 17 11:34am · Whipple procedure and follow up chemo in Digestive Health

Susan, my husband had a Whipple February 7th, 2018. He has weird, rare tumors so his prognosis is still unknown and treatment is wait and see. He has diagnostic scans and labs every 3 months looking for markers or a tumor return. His Whipple was extensive, and reconstruction complicated. Since a Whipple was his only option, he had it done Robotically, 5 small incisions. 10 days in the hospital, 12 hour anesthesia and surgery. His recoup was about 4 to 6 months, but less traumatic than open belly surgery. He is carefully monitored by his Oncology team for recurrence and weight loss (30 pounds so far). He did Physical Therapy and dietician has him on a high protein/ high calorie diet with Creon
Since I don’t know where your tumor was located or the type of PC your biopsies and scans revealed, I thought if chemo and radiation could shrink the tumor, that a Whipple was a possibility. Of course, if your PC is metastatic, the new chemo is working to extend life expectancy far beyond older treatments. Don’t lose hope! Some Cancer Centers are better at dealing with Pancreatic Cancer because they utilize the newest treatments and surgery.
My husband was treated at Duke Cancer in Durham, NC.
You are in my prayers!

Fri, Jul 12 10:26am · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Thumbs up for Nexium!

Sat, May 25 10:07am · Months of Chest Pain - Please help in Digestive Health

Brandon, also check Costochondritis for chest pain! Happened after I had surgery. Also have reflux and hiatal hernia! Keep us informed! Moo1