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Jul 16, 2018 · Scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

What kind of doctor did this procedure. I had a THR 8 months ago. Had an intraoperative fracture that was set with a wire curclage. Initially did well. Developed iliopsoas tendonitis which after 5 months has improved somewhat. Have full range of motion but hip area is very tight – it feels like someone has placed tight strings around my upper leg and butt nusckes and are pulling them in oppositedirections. I have numbness, tingling and pain that is not related to the tendinitis. Recently had mri if hip and also of pelvic and lateral hip sensory nerves. Both showed significant fibrous adhesions. The Otho, not the one who did the surgery, said the scars were caused by the anterior approach and that if I had them removed they would come back. The neurologist and nerve mri diagnosed entrapment of the lateral cutaneous femoral nerve probably from scar tissue. The neurologist said the condition is permanant but I could have the sensory nerve cut to alleviate the pain and that it should be done by a plastic surgeon. She did not know anyone that did this. Most if the time I am more bothered by the tightness. I’m interested in attempting to have the scar tissue removed or at least would like a consult but do not know what kind of doctor does this. Any ideas?