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Jul 15, 2018 · Butt pain, yes both sides :-) in Chronic Pain

Yes, the closest thing I had to relief was PT and strengthening the glutes. I did PT and exercises for 9 months. I got a small measure of relief and still do the stretching and exercises but the pain is still there.

Jul 15, 2018 · Butt pain, yes both sides :-) in Chronic Pain

Out of the blue on 7-4-2014, I experienced pain around the sit bone area. Yes, both sides. I take 2 tramadol a day to dull it as much as possible but I've had no relief in four years.

I have been to/had done: two epidurals, two steroid shots, three orthopedists, two neurologists, two physical therapists, one accupuncturist, 3 xrays, lower back MRI, pelvic MRI – all MRIs and xrays show nothing and treatments have produced results.

The pain now is also in my feet although I do not have classic sciatic symptoms, i.e pain down the back of my leg, etc.

When I lay on my side, after about 20 minutes the pain goes away. When I wake up in the morning, I am pain free. When I am out of bed for more than 10 minutes, the pain starts again. It worsens as the day goes on.

I am 57 and had a kidney transplant almost nine years ago. I have no comorbidities and exercise the best I can. I am not overweight or sedentary.

Thoughts? Thanks for reading!