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Jul 21, 2018 · Neuropathy or neurotoxicity symptoms in Neuropathy

Thanks John,

I do have some appointments but they are a long way off.

POTS has been mentioned as well. Nothing confirmed yet.

Jul 21, 2018 · Neuropathy or neurotoxicity symptoms in Neuropathy

No I haven't and prior to this I was in good health and active.

I have had a lot of things ruled out. I have had numerous blood/urine tests for the following:
Inflammation – neg.
Liver & kidney – normal
Heavy metals – neg.
Myasthenia Gravis – neg.
Lyme – neg.
Wes Nile – neg.
Various Parasites – neg.
Thyroid function – normal
Lupus – neg.
Thiamine B1 – normal
B6 – normal
B12 – normal
Folate – normal
Vitamin D – normal
Vitamin E – normal
Magnesium – normal
Glucose non fasting – normal

Other Tests:
Brain & spine MRI – normal
EEG – normal brain waves no seizure activity
EMG & NCV arm & leg – normal
ECG – normal heart structure function

Reflexes – all normal or slightly over active.

Cardiologist says my autonomous nervous system is not correctly regulating my heart rate or blood pressure. When I stand my heart rate increases 20-40 beats per min before settling in to a mild tachycardia of 104 – 120 bpm while standing.

My neurologist has referred me to another team.

The physicians & neurologosts have been thorough but have not found causation.

The condition seems to have settled into the following symptoms:

Numb hands and feet.
It is like wearing thin gloves & socks. I can still feel texture with my fingers just less perception of it. Sometimes during more strenuous activity my forearms and legs to feel like they are full of lead.

Balance is slightly off I have a little trouble walking on uneven ground. My gait feels impacted but I don't overtly display any ataxia and can walk tandem fine.

I get fatiqued easily and my heart rate increases moderately 140- 150 bpm with mildly strenuous activity like weed eating around the yard.

At night the bottoms of my forearms, triceps, and calves get sore. I have muscle spasms and twitches. Particularly when I am about to doze off some muscle will spasm and wake me back up.

I have insomnia unless I take medication which I never had to before this started. With the meds I sleep for 4 hours wake then sleep for 3 more hours.

The worst symptom is a constant brain fog that seems to impact my cognition and feeling of being totally present in most situations. This symptom started about a week after the peripheral symptoms.
This symptom was present before I started taking the sleeping meds as the lack of sleep was making the symptoms worse.

I guess the next step is skin biopsies to check for small fiber neuropathy.

Jul 21, 2018 · Neuropathy or neurotoxicity symptoms in Neuropathy

I am a male in my late thirties about two months ago I started experiencing peripheral & autonomic neuropathy symptoms. The night it started I had a burning and tingling sensation in both arms. The next day I had difficulty using my hands, tinnitus, nausea, and vertigo. After a week this passed and my arms got numb and tingly again as well as my feet and legs. I started to lose the ability to sleep. I would wake up with sweating with heart palpitations at around 2 A.M. and 5 A.M. During the third week my heart rate and blood pressure started becoming un regulated