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2 days ago · Nephrectomy & Kidney Transplant: How long does it take to recover? in Transplants

Hello @stephanierp

Welcome to Connect! I am so excited for your new kidney, I also had a kidney transplant and a bi-lateral nephrectomy because of PKD. Like @danab mentioned there will be some bad days but they are part of healing. With PKD I was getting sicker everyday but after transplant I got stronger everyday.

I can relate to feeling isolated and weak during the healing process, you can't really do chores well, sort your closet or be productive and the transplant teams want to keep you away from other people for quite awhile. Good news is…The Connect Community is right here, filled with lots of people who can relate to your situation and keep you company while you heal. I remember after transplant I had to wait for my husband to get home from work to take the clothes out of the washing machine because I was too weak to lift them when they were wet. Once my wound healed physical therapy was really important for me to gain my strength and endurance, without it I would never have fully recovered.

I can't wait to hear more about your transplant! Was it preemptive or were you on dialysis first? Was it an open nephrectomy or was it laparoscopic? Do you have someone helping you at home while you recover? Feel free to share as much or as little of your journey as you like.

I'm so happy for you and the beginning of your new chapter


2 days ago · Is it safe? Future kidney donor & working essential service in Transplants


Welcome. How amazing that you are gifting a kidney to your son. What a great mom!!!

On Mayo Connect we are patients just like you and your son so we can share our thoughts but we are not qualified to give medical advice.

I received a kidney from a co-worker/friend of mine. While I was being tested for transplant and my potential donors were being tested it was very important that our immune systems and blood types matched well. Because COVID-19 is so new I don't think there is data on how it will affect the matching process.

My husband and I are both considered essential workers, I can work from home but my husband needs to go into the office some days. My husband was able to talk to his HR team and explain that I am immune compromised (because of my transplant meds) and therefore he needed special accommodations at work to be sure he would not bring COVID-19 home to me. His company sterilized a conference room and put up "do not enter" signs so he can work in isolation. Perhaps you can explain your situation to your employer and they can help find a solution to keep you as safe as possible.

When will your son have his transplant? Was he on home dialysis before the outbreak or did he go to a center.


6 days ago · Lung Transplant Post-op? would like to hear positive stories in Transplants

@abmac I'm sorry to hear about the hold on your husband's transplant. Did the tell you why? Are all of their transplants on hold or just his?

6 days ago · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

Here is a link to the latest COVID-19 for transplant recipients, donors and those waiting for transplant from the National Kidney Foundation.


6 days ago · Lung Transplant Post-op? would like to hear positive stories in Transplants

@salemke1952 ***Spoiler Alert/Disclaimer: They do go into depth about the deceased donor aspect of transplant so please watch with caution or fast-forward if this is a difficult topic emotionally overwhelming for you. I found it very difficult to watch the donor family depicted. It is such a raw time for families and they show unimaginable strength to offer hope to others in their grief.

6 days ago · Lung Transplant Post-op? would like to hear positive stories in Transplants

I watched an episode of NOVA which is running on PBS last night titled Transplants which covered all aspects of various organ transplants. The show covered a lung transplant patient taking his first breath after transplant and I almost cried it was so beautiful. What a unique and heroic journey you've been on, you are clearly a fighter. It is awesome that you are using your new life to share your story and inspire others.

6 days ago · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

You are a valued member of our community! I appreciate that you did research and shared the study you found, especially since research is so difficult to find on transplant patients. I think the whole world is just on edge these days. I know you brought the information forward with the intention of bringing us all hope and that's a pretty wonderful thing to want to do. I look forward to your continued participation, you add so much!

Wed, Mar 25 12:15pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

Godspeed to your niece and her fellow researchers at the U of MN. So many brilliant people are working 'round the clock. Tell he we sent our prayers and gratitude.