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Thu, Oct 10 8:12am · Stage 5 renal failure: Docs says options are death or dialysis in Kidney & Bladder

@larry1943 I of think of GFR as a measurement of how well your kidneys filter poison out of your blood, so if you dilute your blood (either by adding blood products or being hydrated) the test seems like you have less poison when really you just diluted your blood. I wouldn't focus on the 3% fluctuation, in the big picture it is not a significant change.

What I really care about here is YOU! Even after just a few posts it is clear that you have been through a lot and have fought your way through many close calls. I want you to keep fighting!!! Prove your doctor wrong. Get the fistula, fight through the adjustments that dialysis brings, continue to inspire others. You can do this. As someone who's been in end-stage renal failure I can tell you first hand our brains get foggy, our spirits get weak but that isn't who we really are it is just the toxins in our blood talking. Fight Larry! You can do this and our whole community will be right here cheering you on.

Wed, Oct 9 9:30pm · Stage 5 renal failure: Docs says options are death or dialysis in Kidney & Bladder

Hi Larry,

Clearly you are a fighter if you've battled diabetes, a bout with dialysis and gangrene!!! You sound like one tough cookie. 🙂

Typically ports need to mature for 6 months before they can be used, maybe your Doctor is thinking ahead? I'd try to think of the port as an insurance policy, hopefully you won't need it anytime soon but if you do you'll be glad you have it.

Wishing you all of the best,

Fri, Oct 4 8:54pm · Dizzy still after my liver transplant in Transplants

Just a quick piece of advice, if you are feeling dizzy sit down or get your head low. I am very tall so I've learned over the year's if I feel dizzy or off balance it is best to just sit down, even if it's on the floor. If you do end up passing out it will prevent you from getting seriously injured.

Fri, Oct 4 4:52pm · Dizzy still after my liver transplant in Transplants

Congrats on the transplant!!! How great is life when you can finally set down the burden of waiting for a solid organ transplant! Yay you! I had a kidney transplant but also felt very dizzy post transplant. I guess my body needed time to adjust to being healthy…high class problem, right? It would be worth a call to your team or a maybe portal message. They will absolutely ask you standard questions like, what is you blood pressure running, are you hydrated, are you taking your meds on time, is it all of the time or when going from sitting to standing, etc. The better prepared you are with accurate answers the better the can hone in on your problem. I was able to get back on track with changes in diet and by giving my body time to adjust. Good luck and keep us posted.

Tue, Oct 1 9:06pm · Waiting for the Call: What needs to get done at home before you go? in Transplants

I will keep in in my prayers. Living donation is such an amazing gift. I am so in awe of donors and I truly think they represent the best of humanity. I just saw my donor last week and she reminded me that she walk a mile a week after surgery…overachiever! 🙂 All my best to you.

Fri, Sep 20 5:40pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

Thanks for sharing this it is such important information. I used to always get coffee when I would fly because I was cold and I thought it was hot so therefore safe until someone said it's so unsafe the flight crews don't drink it. Yuck!!! I have also heard that the airport kiosks are the germiest thing you come in contact with traveling followed by tray-tables and arm rests. So important to stay safe!

Mon, Sep 16 8:06pm · Live Donor Weight Loss Surgery Prior to Transplant in Transplants

Living donors are so amazing to me! God bless you for even considering being your sister's donor. You represent the best of humanity, selfless, giving and self-sacrificing. After receiving a kidney from a living donor myself I have enjoyed a remarkably better quality of life and have avoided dialysis. Yay living donors!!!

I hope your upcoming surgery goes well, it sounds like you are choosing this option out of self love and wanting to live a healthier life. Good for you, that takes more courage than many people know.

From what I understand donation selection takes into account the whole person. Things like blood type, blood pressure, diabetes, kidney and liver function, life style, financial stability, mental and social factors all play a roles. Many people who fall outside of typical ranges have qualified to donate. Less than 2 weeks ago I saw an article about a man who lost 175lbs to qualify for his sister. I've also read about people who generally considered "too old" are in such great shape that they qualify. I think tireless pursuit is sometimes needed. If you hear "no", ask "why"!

Keep us posted and best of luck to you.

Tue, Sep 3 9:49pm · Confused Recipient in Transplants

Hi Susan,

I am sorry this had been so frustrating, it's tough to wait when your life is on the line! I know because I've been there. A few things to keep in mind…

* insurance only allows for one person to be tested at a time this is NOT something the center control
* anyone who has high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, or are overweight, etc. will not make it through the process
* as Ginger mentioned, some people say they are calling in but don't
* some people can't get their spouses or family to agree to let them donate
* often potential donors are healthy enough to donate but don't want to be part of a swap if they aren't a blood match
* donors can learn half way through the process that they have health issues
* only the donor themselves can choose to keep you informed

When I needed a kidney (due to PKD) I was surprised how many donors came forward but didn't make it through the whole process. Many people go through 5, 10, or more before they find a match. Trust me the center wants you to have a successful living donation and they will work very hard to help you.

In the mean time control the things you can control! Follow EVERYTHING your doctors tell you and stay healthy. The flu or a bad cold can quickly drop your kidney function. Stay away from sick people, illness can alter your immunity.

How are you doing otherwise? Are you on a restricted diet at all? Do you have a caregiver lined up for transplant? How are you feeling?