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11 hours ago · Mild kidney insufficiency: How fast does it progress? in Kidney & Bladder

As you've already guessed the progression of mild kidney insufficiency varies based on individual circumstances. Here comes the bad news/good news as I see it… On the bad news side something has caused your kidney function to decline and this "something" may be out of your control depending on the diagnosis from your doctor. On the good news side it sounds like your kidney insufficiency has been caught early so there are likely a LOT of things that you can do to protect your kidneys. Maintaining optimal BMI, proper hydration, controlling blood pressure, keeping a healthy diet, daily exercise and managing stress all are things that can ease the strain on your kidneys. I've found it very helpful in my own journey to separate the "I can do something about it" items from the "this is just the way it is" items. Be prepared to ask for referrals to a kidney specialist, dietitian and/or physical therapist if you think they could be of help to you. Best of luck and keep us posted.

3 days ago · Anyone had successful stem cell transplant for AML? in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@tedwueste You brightened my day with your fighting spirit.

3 days ago · Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice? in Transplants

Congrats on your successful surgery!!! I'm so glad you made it through everything ok, that's a big surgery. I met Scott the first patient to have the combo surgery like you did, I also met his surgeon who was so compassionate and brilliant. Isn't it great that they can do both procedures now. I'm sorry you've experienced hair loss after surgery, what do the docs say about it?

4 days ago · Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice? in Transplants

There are several things that are dangerous to eat/drink if you are taking Tacrolimus! Grapefruit, grapefruit juice, pomegranates, pomegranate juice, Fresca soda and Seville oranges are for sure on the NEVER consume list. These foods and beverages are known to interfere with Tacrolimus and change the potency of the medication in unpredictable ways which leaves you venerable to organ rejection. I'm glad you've chosen a pharmacy that adds warnings to your meds. Did they have any other instructions that could be shared with the group to keep us healthy?

5 days ago · Tips: Traveling to Mayo to get medical care safely during COVID-19 in COVID-19

I just returned from Mayo Clinic in Rochester for my first in-person visit since Covid-19 started and I felt perfectly safe! Until now I have been able access most of my care through video chats but today I had a dermatology appointment which requires an in-person visit. Thank goodness I went in because they discovered a small spot that needed to be biopsied to check for cancer.

6 days ago · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

I'm glad you were able to uncover the facts you needed, sometimes doing your own research or connecting on a forum like this is the best way to discover cutting edge information. Please feel free to join us in the Kidney Bladder and Transplant groups when you're ready. Best of luck with your shoulder surgery.

Sun, Jul 5 4:16pm · Post-op care locally after surgery at Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Hi Amy,

I'm glad you are here as part of our community! I had PKD too, but I don't anymore… I received a laparoscopic bilateral native nephrectomy (to remove my PKD kidneys) at the same time I had a living donor kidney transplant. I had my major surgery at Mayo and coordinated my recovery and Physical Therapy with my local team. I have been very successful with a blended team effort (some Docs at Mayo and some locally). In your case it would be awesome to have your post care set up and ready to go locally before your surgery takes place. Depending on what computer systems your local teams use you can either share medical records automatically through EPIC or you can have them sent back and fourth in less automated ways.

PS if you have PLD evidence show you should NOT take Estradiol or Estrogen because it causes the liver cysts to grow in volume.

Mon, Jun 29 2:38pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

Thankfully my scary experience was only a dream. Mayo Pharmacy makes getting meds easy. I have had meds shipped to an out-of-state address when my hubby and I stayed with my in laws in Florida. I even had Mayo send a prescription to me through Walgreens when I was driving through a random town in Kentucky while bringing my daughter to college after bloodwork showed abnormalities. I know Mayo Pharmacy also ships internationally too. If you really needed meds they would make sure you had them. The trick is NEVER EVER skipping ANY!