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Mon, Feb 25 11:24pm · Kidney transplant: Thinking of becoming a donor in Transplants

You're not crazy, you're AMAZING!!!!
My life was forever transformed after I received a kidney from an acquaintance at work and she is now my "kidney sister".
Living donors are incredible people and through their selfless giving health is restored to someone who is suffering.
God Bless you for even considering donation.

Tue, Feb 19 3:21pm · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

Labs in 2 weeks is great! Tantrum on the floor, not so great!
You've been through so much it is ok to be upset. I really hope your diet and daily fluid goals help, certainly can't hurt.
I know you and I have very different circumstances but I have seen very scary drops in my labs bounce back. I am praying the steps you are taking pay off. Please keep us posted. We are all cheering you on!

Tue, Feb 19 3:06pm · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

Your strength, faith and hope in the face of adversity are remarkable. 🙂 I'm humbled by the fight in you…drink up!
With everything you've been through lately it's no wonder your labs are doing backflips.
When do you get retested?

Tue, Feb 19 2:20pm · 3rd stage kidney disease and diet in Kidney & Bladder

I am so sorry to hear things are going in a bad direction. I don't think there are any of us out here in the community who can't relate. Just FYI, sometimes when I am so bummed that I could scream, I just do. I have had significant fluctuations in my kidney labs based on my level of hydration. Can you put a call into one of the nurses and find out if it's ok to up your fluids between now and your next labs? Just a thought. Stay strong, we are all pulling for you!

Sat, Feb 16 6:43pm · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

My donor was able to determine the direction if the incision for her kidney to be removed. I've heard of people having it taken out from their bellybutton but she didn't get that as an option.

Sat, Feb 16 11:54am · Waiting for an altruistic donor in Transplants

Great job being proactive!!! Sounds like you've really set yourself up for success.

I know it's hard but you have to trust the process. Your transplant center wants the best outcome for you and your donor. Maybe they found a great match for you and something needs to be retested in that person? Maybe you are being considered for part of a chain to find you an even better match, who knows? I realize it is tough waiting…been there, done that, living happily ever after. The best possible thing you can do right now is stay as healthy as possible by resting, avoiding germs that could alter your blood and most of all not stressing out. It helped me to pray for my unknown donor during my wait.

You sound like an incredibly strong and proactive pateint which will serve you well post transplant. Wishing all of the best.

Sat, Feb 16 9:30am · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

Hi @threrrr
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Everyone I have ever met who has gotten a kidney transplant feels so much better afterwards, me included, so this should be an awesome experience for you. Also congrats on have such an amazing sister. 🙂

I had my transplant at Mayo in Rochester and everything I needed while I was in the hospital was provided, even unattractive non-slip sock slippers. In my opinion you really don't need much as far as clothing while you are there. I kept all of my clothes in the small duffel bag I brought until I was ready to leave which was good because I certainly didn't want them coming home with hospital germs on them. I knew in advance that my incision was going to be on my lower right abdomen so based on that I brought a pair of comfy high waisted sweatpants to wear home (and by "home" I mean the ultra sterile Kidney Transplant House).

My only advice and I give it to everyone is whatever you (and your sister) do DON'T get constipated. Bowels have a tendency to sleep for several days after surgery so be very careful what you eat just before and after surgery. Your incisions will need time to mend without added strain. Walking a few times a day also helps.

My donors advice is that she wished she had gotten her incision side-to-side not up-and-down because it sometimes dents in slightly and she thinks if she had chosen sideways it wouldn't be visible at all.

Good luck. I'm so thrilled for you and your sister!

Fri, Feb 15 7:50pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Hi @fyrehoose
It hurts to know you are hurting. Our whole community is here online to support you and listen. Your are brave to share your struggles and I have no doubt your bravery will help someone else who comes along in the future with your same concerns. I felt so bad at one point after transplant that I went in to my primary care dr. and told her how tired I was all of the time she was very understanding and referred me to physical therapy and it made a huge difference. Looking back it seems silly that I felt so guilty complaining to her, I guess I knew how lucky I was to have gotten a transplant and I didn't think I had the right to feel bad. You deserve good things, your deserve to feel good, who knows maybe your Dr. will find an easy fix like mine did something small like a change of meds, some PT, a few counseling sessions can make a world of difference. You deserve to feel good.