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1 day ago · Kidney Lab Results in Kidney & Bladder

It can be very worrisome when you are in limbo waiting for a "real" diagnosis. I am sorry hear it had been so stressful on you. Rest assured the tests you are having preformed are exactly what you need in order for your doctor to learn more and make a diagnosis. Your eGFR and Creatinine levels being normal is positive news. Do your best to eat healthy, take a walk, or read a book to keep your mind busy. If you care to share, what make you go in for testing to being with?

2 days ago · Sutent for renal cell carcinoma: What are the side effects? in Kidney & Bladder

@azkidney57 This sounds scary. I am sorry it's happening to you. I have been in a lot of medical situations where I don't understand all of the choices and it is really tough. I hope you are leaning on your care team, family and friends to help you get through all of this. Our online community is also here to make sure you are not alone. What more have learned about your condition?

3 days ago · Waiting for the Call: What needs to get done at home before you go? in Transplants

I respectfully asked for NO VISITORS at the hospital and when we got home. I felt very strongly that I owed it to my donor and all of the people who were waiting for an organ themselves to take the very best care of my new kidney from the start. Taking the BEST care of myself included resting and maintaining a germ free environment. I thought that my hubby posting to Caringbridge kept everyone informed and prevented disruption while I was healing. Asking for no visitors also prevents germs, colds, bacteria etc. from being passed to others in the hospital and transplant houses.

4 days ago · Waiting for the Call: What needs to get done at home before you go? in Transplants

I was blessed to have a living donor so I was able to be more planful, although if a call had come I would have jumped at the chance. My husband was going to be my caregiver so I knew when we got back home he'd be busy caring for me and when he wasn't he needed to be resting. We were very well briefed by our Mayo teams in advance on the importance of avoiding unnecessary germs for the first year because of low immunity so I hired a specialty cleaner to prep our house. I think we have a pretty clean house but she went further than I would have thought, everything was disinfected including bathrooms, door knobs, faucets, the fridge, etc. it was so nice to come home to a more germ free home. It really gave me peace of mind.

Wed, Jul 10 12:35pm · 17,000 new kidneys + 11,000 hearts etc becoming available? in Transplants

@rosemarya thanks for finding this link. This would bring help and healing to so many.

Wed, Jul 10 7:49am · 17,000 new kidneys + 11,000 hearts etc becoming available? in Transplants

I was shocked/delighted to see in the news that a government change that will allow tens of thousands of new organs to become available for people on the transplant lists. Is this real, if so it is AMAZING news for people in our community who are waiting and suffering! Does anyone know more about this?

Sun, Jun 30 10:27pm · Has anyone heard of an artificial kidney being made? in Kidney & Bladder

@marvinjsturing I'm so sorry to hear this is happening. Mayo is a place filled with miracles, I hope your prayers are answered.

Sun, Jun 30 11:25am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Prior to kidney transplant I had the same type of cramping you've described. I would wake up with excruciating cramps in my calves or feet, just terrible! The next day my legs would ache like they were bruised. I tried eating more bananas to get my potassium up but never had great results. Sorry to hear it's happening. If you find a solution please share it with the whole community.