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Wed, Apr 22 3:03pm · Anyone had Proton Beam SBRT radiation at Mayo Clinic? in Prostate Cancer

I had radiation at Sloan Kettering in New York City in 2005 and don't believe it was this new treatment. The 25 radiation treatments ended up weakening a lot of my bladder and colon tissues so now have frequent infections. Anything more focused should minimize side effects and still be effective

Sun, Apr 5 6:18pm · Online Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction in Men's Health

oh, the prostaglandin works out to be about $8 an injection. lots cheaper but it needs to be refrigerated.

Sun, Apr 5 6:16pm · Online Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction in Men's Health

I have used caverject but it is about $80 a dose. A colon/prostate removal guy steered me to prostaglandin injection made by a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey. It works. I haven't had any ejaculation in a number of years even with an orgasm. let me know if you want more information.

Wed, Mar 18 6:53pm · Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy in Ostomy

yes. we see the comments and updates from old postings as well as new postings.

Sun, Mar 15 6:50pm · Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy in Ostomy

overall health is good. no pills at all. cholesterol is ok. sugar is ok. BP is fine. a little overweight. wife has COPD and is on oxygen and meds 24/7 so of limited help. I like talking to ostomy nurse and will check with hospital to see who is around. thanks Becky for comments.

Sun, Mar 15 4:42pm · Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy in Ostomy

2005 prostate cancer radiation through those tissues weakened them. doctors don't know why the connection was made. all the doctors say to have the surgery as they have for the past 3 years for colon and bladder. yes, it would prevent kidney infections I am told since will keep the solids and liquids separate but am told that could still have infections through the stoma. I am not getting any younger for about an 8 hour surgery and long recovery so my kids say to do it but they are not around to take care of me. this has been ongoing and I am part of an ostomy support group so talk to them monthly about how they are doing and issues in have one or the other. hard to find someone that has both bags.

Sun, Mar 15 11:02am · Ostomy: Adapting to life after colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy in Ostomy

I am at a crossroads with a fistual (channel) connecting my bladder and colon just inside the rectum. Mayo R wants to take out bladder and colon and replace with two bags. just got over another bladder/kidney infection for last 5 days with antibiotics and get them every 3-4 months. very painful. am 73 this year and don't know if the surgery is right for me. sexual activity is still important to me/us. don't want to give that up but want to live. when at Mayo R in 2018, it didn't sound like my two providers have done both surgeries at same time plus reconstruction after taking out bladder and lots of colon. prostate radiation in the area from 2007 makes tissues in the area fragile. being pain free is important but so is quality of life. praying a lot. stay tuned as am still undecided.

Mon, Mar 9 6:17pm · CBD oil and depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I am 72 and she just turned 77 yesterday. she has had depression and CBD working well in taking the edge off and not impacting her COPD meds or blood thinners. I take it from time to time for bladder/colon spasms and works ok for me. get a good grade CBD not a gas station special. been taking it for past 3 years.