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Oct 28, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

@bigbern I'm also a part of our illustrious group with my 2316 score and was put on 20 mg of Lipitor and a baby aspirin. After reading research on the aspiring I opted to eliminate that. But I must say the Lipitor has done some remarkable things to my lipid profile blood tests. My wife has been on supplements for her ovarian cancer while at the same time doing the medical care things she should be doing. And she is now cancer free – in remission. So is her success from what the medical doctors are doing or what she's getting from the holistic doc? Impossible to say but as long as she's doing well no reason to stop. anyway – I started with him as well and here's what I'm taking: CoQ10 (Jarrow brand) he recommends 100 mg of it for every 10 mg of statin, K2 (Ultra K). magnesium buffered chelate, anthocyanins, something he calls Cardio 5 which he says works on multiple levels for vascular health, resting heart rate, etc…, and fish oil. I do not expect calcium scores to change one way or the other with these formulations but I do have some belief that they're helping in other ways.

Oct 27, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

@ochip what testing was done to show blood flow in the arteries? That's what I'm trying to get my cardiologist to set up for me but she says as long as I've never had symptoms she sees no reason. I'm like you: 2316 score but have been exercising all my life, mountaineering, bicycling in the Rockies – the gym the whole enchilada so to speak. As soon as I got my score I wrote a good bye letter to my wife thinking that the end is nigh.. But I don't feel that way anymore.

Oct 16, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

@dpframing They administer an IV for contrast? Is it some kind of CT scan or something else entirely?

Oct 16, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

@dpframing how is the angiogram administered and does it find things that the cardiac CT scan doesn't find? I had the high score on calcium and would like to take the next step to find out about blood flow.

Oct 15, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

Like so many others on this site I was found to have an enormous calcium score -2316. I had a stress test and as the doc said I aced it.. So a problematic stress test will indicate 70% or greater blockage. So my blockage could be 69% or way lower. I have no idea. After getting that calcium score I went to Colorado for a hiking trip and stressed my heart to the max with zero symptoms. My blood pressure is normal and my HDL is very good, I've been exercising all my life and eating well. The first thing my cardiologist did was put me on 20 mg of Lipitor and baby aspirin. I since quit the aspirin because of some studies I read that concerned me. I think the statin for now is still a good idea because I understand it can limit inflammation and maybe even stabilize the calcium. But at the same time I started working with a holistic practitioner who's been working with my wife for years (she has ovarian cancer and is responding great). He has me on some supplements like K2, Magnesium, fish oil, anthyocyanins and two other supplements that he's developed. I'm giving it a try but I would really love to find a cardiologist that doesn't have a negative attitude toward supplements. I live in NYC and am looking high and low.

Aug 23, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

hi @keithl56 – my score was 2316 so my cardiologist gave me lipitor 20 mg and baby aspirin. I went to a second cardiologist at NYU and he prescribed 40 mg… I said no to that. I also said no to baby aspirin. The holistic guy I'm working with has me on a regimen I like. It has some blood thinning natural compounds so I opted out of the baby aspirin. I also believe that before the end of the year I will get off Lipitor. Cardiologists will all say the same thing when they see these scores: statin and aspirin. They've done zero research on these holistic compounds and I'm putting my trust in them.

Aug 20, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

OK.. so a Calcium score of 2316 and then I wrote kind of a goodbye note to my wife not intending her to see it. Anyway, just got back from hiking in the mountains of Crested Butte in Colorado where the mountains are steep and the trails are rugged. I just came from sea level in NYC to upwards of 11,000 feet and my heart was beating like a madman. Yet I did the hikes with no symptoms. So what the heck are we gonna do – wait for that piece of plaque to break off and kill us? Hell with that nonsense. These high scores indicate that plaque was building up over many many years not the fresh or loose plaque that will tend to be unstable. I've doubled the number of days I go to the gym and doubled the intensity of the workouts I do. That feels great. But I have no idea if something is lurking in the background waiting to bring me down to earth. But I'm gonna continue what I've been doing – and have even stopped the baby aspirin. What's with cardiologists? as soon as you get some kind of score or indication their answer is always: statin and baby aspirin. I started a regimen of holistic or herbal things and will continue doing that. Fact is the cardio docs only know what they know. They have ZERO idea of anything else that could be of help because they just don't study anything else. I will continue to see my cardio doc and continue on this regimen and for sure continue to work my butt off in the gym. For a while all I could think of is this one thing I read: 'if your score is over 1000 you have a 25% chance of having an event in the next year'. To that I say Screw You. That;s no way to live this precious life wondering about that.

Jul 19, 2018 · Coronary Calcium Score (Heart Scan) in Heart & Blood Health

@zino our numbers are not all that different. My cardiologist, when she saw my 2000+ score put me on 20 mg of Lipitor and a baby aspirin. I was ok with that until I spoke to the herbalist working with my wife who has ovarian cancer. She's been doing all the medical things prescribed by Memorial Sloan Kettering but he has her on an extensive program of herbs. Of course it's impossible to know if it's his herbs keeping her so healthy or just other factors. But as long as she's cancer free now we're sticking with his program. Well after talking to him and reading more research I decided to try what he was subscribing to me; anthocyanins, Cardio 5, CoQ10, Omega fish oils, Ultra K and Magnesium buffered chelate. He says Magnesium with the anthocyanins maintains elasticity in the arteries and keeps the from being brittle and developing clots. Omega 3 have some blood thinning effect and Cardio 5 works on multiple levels for vascular health, resting heart rate. He is stating that this kind of regimen can actually reduce the level of plaque in the arteries and there apparently is scientific evidence to support that.
Just read a study in Science Daily that is among the most encouraging things I have come across They talk about doing a chemical adjustment to the CoQ10 and seeing arteries return to a healthier state. It's a must read. Anyway, I didn't like the idea of the baby aspirin being that some of the herbs I'm taking also have blood thinning properties. Eventually I believe I will no longer need the Lipitor. Medical doctors can't possibly know about all the developments in herb treatments. They just don't have the time or maybe even the motivation to study things outside their specialty. But before I started taking any of these supplements and researched the heck out of them.