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Fri, Jul 24 5:15pm · Will MFR help with scar tissue build up? in Joint Replacements

Thanks much. Not sure why a doctor has not recommended.

Fri, Jul 24 4:48pm · Will MFR help with scar tissue build up? in Joint Replacements

Can you please explain to me what MFR is? I've had nerve damage in my lower right abdomen and pelvis for years, started in 1987 after my hysterectomy, every surgery after kept making worse, even the removal of scar tissue twice.
This pain has disabled me for 13 years now, I am willing to try anything to get relief.
Thanks much,

Thu, Jul 16 1:33pm · Acid Reflux: How do you get relief? in Digestive Health

Tell the acupuncture therapist what issues you are having.

Mon, Jul 13 7:45pm · Acid Reflux: How do you get relief? in Digestive Health

Your health issues sound similar to mine with Fibromyalgia and many other issues.
The muscles in my lower esophagus don't work properly due to nerve and muscle damage in lower right abdomen and pelvis.
A GI DR told me to drink chamomile tea when gets bad
Do believe it helps me.
I also have neuropathy for no reason. Have been told by a couple doctors if you have any nerve issues in your body, can hit other areas of body also.
Since Fibromyalgia is now known to be from central nervous system, maybe these are having some of your issues.
Don't know if this will help you any, but know I feel your frustration and pain. Took me many different specialist over years of trying to figure out what's going on with my body. An awesome dr that will listen and doesn't care if you go out of the normal western medicine for you to find help.
Have you tried acupuncture? Do believe that and massages are the two best things for fibro.
Take care of yourself, you know your own body and what type of pains, etc you deal with. Don't ever let anyone tell you what your going thru is not real.

Jul 29, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

I have neuropathy for no real reason also. Do you have any nerve damage in your body? Or fibromyalgia? These are 2 possibilities of why I have. Have heard that if you have nerve damage anywhere in your body can cause neuropathy throughout. I have muscle/nerve damage in my lower right abdomen and nerve damage in my pelvis.
Have also been told that fibromyalgia (which I also have) can go hand in hand with neuropathy. Although I do know others with fibro that don't suffer from neuropathy.
Hope this helps a bit as I am newer to Mayo clinic chat.
Good luck

Jul 3, 2018 · HELP!! PLEASE!! Dent and Extreme pain in Right leg in Chronic Pain

I have something fairly similar on my left higher outside thigh. Know I have fatty tumor hip/thigh area where is 2 different colors. Can be painful, but nothing like you have described.
I have nerve damage in pelvis, with muscle & nerve damage in my lower right abdomen, that's whole different ball game as far as pain, totally debilitating at times.