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4 days ago · Celiac Artery Aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

That is so incredibly fortunate that you had a team of medics that were clued in and competent. I hope you continue to heal well. This reassures my feelings that monitoring is important as I too live in an area in Canada that I pray will have the experience should my aneurysm start changing. Thanks for sharing .

Mon, Nov 18 11:35am · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

So far I have had no treatment. I reduced the QT prolongation by decreasing my antidepressant. I did not feel the doctor was very concerned at all. I am really not sure where to go with this. I am not sure if it was considered just a side effect and all is good, or if I should always be aware I am prone to this and be very cautious with all meds. No follow up has been planned. I did not know there were different types.

Sun, Oct 27 12:58am · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

A general thank you to everyone. I am sorry to hear so many difficult stories from so many people. I am really hoping a change of medications will change my ECG readings.
Time will tell thanks for support everyone

Sun, Oct 27 12:55am · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you this sounds very positive. I am weaning myself off escitalopram until I can get into my doctors and have her help to come off it. Did they tell you that if you show it with medications that it means you are genetically predisposed to it? I am really praying I will have the same results as you. Now do you really watch what medications you take?

Fri, Oct 25 1:26pm · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you for response my fear is if this is life threatening. How do I know if it is caused by medications or if it is genetic. Can prolonged Qt be like a side effect to medications and if they are stopped ,will it go away? Or if you show that arrhythmia, are you automatically assumed to have the genetic predisposition. I will attempt to find your understanding and treating page. thx

Fri, Oct 25 1:18pm · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I see your post was from 2018 but I thought I would reply as I am frustrated with so many odd diagnosis as well.
I first found out I have a cardiac artery anomaly, Then a few years later I found out I have a celiac artery aneurysm, Now I am being told I have QT wave prolongation. This has been about a ten year journey. I am not young so I truly don't know if mine is a inherited situation or brought on by medications. All of these are rare and I don't understand why I am faced with so many. It is scary and it seems to take so long to get answers form the medical field. Sorry to complain on line but I am a little overwhelmed and a little frightened.

Wed, Oct 23 3:08am · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Thank you. I was in emergency for chest discomfort, that wasn’t going away over a few days. They ran a no. Of tests and said they did not feel I was having a heart attack, and suggested I just follow with Dr. so a few days later my Dr, had a locum in and she called me in, and told me that the ECG done showed this prolonged Qt wave. I was on escitalpram and she sent me on my way . I went to refill the prescription and happened to mention to the pharmacy that I had just been told about this Qt thing and asked ,is this medication safe. They said you should likely go back to your Dr. so… here I am waiting for a return appointment
My google research has me a little concerned. I was told it’s 490 (.?)
I am wondering if the statin I am on and antidepressants can cause this, will it go away if they are stopped?

Tue, Oct 22 12:33pm · Long QT Syndrome in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Does anyone out there have prolonged QT
I have just an ER visit. That pointed this out to me. Now I am concerned if both my statins and antidepressants are safe to keep taking