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Jun 28, 2018 · Teenager with chronic pain x 4 yrs. Dance injury. in Spine Health

OMG I feel for her and am so sorry to hear she is so young and cannot do the thing she loves. I've had
Chronic hip and back pain for four years or more but the worst it's been happened in January 2014 and continues to this day. I had the worst pain I've ever had in my life on the left side in the groin area through the hip and butt muscles many spasms from the piriformis muscle. The Mri showed tendon tears in the hip flexor area to include gluteus medius, gluteus minimus & at the insertion of the greater trochanter. Also told I have herniated discs (L5,4,3,2 with the most extruded being the L5 S1. I've gotten no help at all from several orthopedic surgeons that told me to go to physical therapy and that I would be better in a year. I did for more that 2 years 3 different PT's. They all said they could help me and they all said after months of trying, that's all they could offer. Seeking a third opinion from an orthopedic surgeon he said to me what do you want, you walked in here? I couldn't believe the way they talk to me, yes I could walk in there from my car to the office but any extra walking and my entire left leg would go Numb until I rested while crying. If they don't see anything to cut on or put in a cast they cannot help you! that is what I have learned. I suffer every day with the same pains along with sciatic nerve sensations into my big toe on my left foot and with sitting or standing too long or walking or riding in a car and especially going up stairs and inclines …all painful and get worse after doing the least little thing because then the next day I pay and pay all day with worse pain.
Get help from someone that specializes in women's hip care I wish I had years ago. I believe there are good facilities in New York City .
Recently a very good physical therapist informed me that it was not my disc causing the trouble but hyper mobile sacroiliac joints and misaligned pubic bones that all work together to help us walk and live normally. I wish someone had told me this year's ago! I would not have gone to orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons or all the other physical therapist and pain management doctors that administered drugs with big needles towards my spine near L5S1 which did no good at all &was rather frightening and cost a lot of money!!
I'm on my own again trying to manage the daily pain. The good PT gave me some exercises to try and stabilize my pelvis and he said use ice packs
from now on. He informed me this will be an ongoing issue. I'm very sad about it and try to keep going and not get too depressed which is difficult. I can go in public and look as if nothing is wrong but the pain is terrible and stops or hurts me doing things I enjoy such as gardening
photography, shopping and just sitting at lunch or dinner out with friends! I go to get out and try to enjoy something! Unfortunately later that evening and the next day the hip and groin pain are more excruciating. It's maddening.
I bet the Rockettes have fabulous doctors in New York City. Find out ASAP! Get the care and understanding from specialist in the know. Then let me know!