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Jun 28, 2018 · What to do? Potential Traumatic Brain Injury in Brain & Nervous System

my 33 yr old son fell 26 feet onto a concrete floor 4 yrs ago. he was unconscious for approx. 20 minutes, cut his head open and required many stiches. A ct scan was performed and no damage was noted and he was observed and released from he hospital. since that time he has had trouble with his memory, but more concerning is serious anger and his inability to manage it. it has cost him 2 marriages, with his wives and friends saying he gets so angry that it scares them. his first wife says his personality changes after the tbi were the cause of the breakup. his current wife, who has just filed for divorce, says the same thing. another troubling symptom over the past 2 years is that he he lies all the time or greatly exaggerates events. this makes for serious trust issues and he has lost some friends on account of it. in addition, he had what was described as a 3 hour rant of anger. I am quite certain he has tbi, but he refuses to acknowledge it, and in fact gets very angry when mental health treatment or medication is mentioned. we currently do not know of his whereabouts and worry that he may hurt himself or others. to complicate issues I am currently on assignment half a world away in Malaysia. how can I get through to him that he needs help? I am sure he is in a lot of emotional pain. what to do?