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Sun, Sep 13 10:58pm · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

This is a pain clinic here in Amarillo Tx that I had never been to that I didn’t actually get to talk to the Dr on my first visit and I never did talk to him so I just don’t know if he’s that busy or not I would assume he is .. He has a really good PA that sees all the patients she seems to know all that’s going on with your back after she sees the MRI and exrays so the Dr is over in a different part of the building where he does all his surgeries and whatever else he does so yeah I’m like you it was a first for me too to not see him

Fri, Sep 11 8:43am · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

Hi it’s been 7 days since surgery went back yesterday for checkup they took bandage off I saw P.A. again when I went in for surgery I was pretty much out of it but I remember someone introduced me to the Dr but but when I came to they dismissed me gave me piece of paper with all the do’s and don’t’s … I haven’t moved around much at home it tired me out to be up to much . I have never asked the P.A. if they have ever had anybody to have one come lose when I went back yesterday I forgot to ask but I also forgot to ask some other questions I go back in a month so I’ve already started a list of questions by writing them down I’m not sure she would tell me the truth on that question anyway but I’ve got it in my list for next time. If yours is in the wrong place I guess it’s not helping you at all they put 2 in me but I needed 3 but Medicare won’t pay for it you know ? It’s like Medicare will pay for half for what you need with anything but you can go back later and get the rest of whatever and they will pay why don’t they just go ahead and pay the first time around and be done with it ? Anyway I’m sorry you had to go through all that and end up right back to where you were I hope that doesn’t happen to me well let me know if you make anymore plans and I’ll get back with you after my next time I go in which is a month praying for you and me both 🙏

Tue, Sep 8 8:31am · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

Hi … was wondering how you’re doing and what is happening with you I had my surgery on the 4 th it was pretty painful the first 3 days but I’m getting a lot better now I go back in there this coming Thursday

Tue, Aug 25 6:58am · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

It looks like I want even meet him until the day of surgery every time I’ve been there I see the PA … I did read or watched on Utube that there are different sizes of those implants so I’m wondering if he just didn’t put the right size for you . If my Doctor ever had that to happened to him he probably wouldn’t tell me my day is Sept 9 so I’ll let you know how it goes. Are you seeing another Pain Doctor ?

Tue, Aug 25 12:04am · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

Have any update on you’re implant coming loose ?

Sat, Aug 15 11:03am · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

That’s good I would want to know where it’s at and what it’s doing

Sat, Aug 15 11:02am · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

oops hit the wrong thing before I was finished … I’m am probably be afraid to move afterwards lol … I’ve been bringing everything out that I usually bend over for and placing it on higher ground chat later

Sat, Aug 15 10:56am · Vertiflex Superion Implant in Chronic Pain

Wonder if there’s different sizes of those ? I would think there would be I mean surely 1 size fits all is not how that would be so if they have different sizes maybe he didn’t put the right size in you just wondering what would make it slip … I’m think I’m s