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Mon, Jul 15 11:54am · hypogonadism in Men's Health

My ED is driven by taking anxiety and depression medications. They absolutely kill the Libido and arousal even when I have relatively normal "T". I haven"t found any way to counter the effects of the anxiety/depression meds. Very disappointed.

Sat, Jul 13 4:37pm · hypogonadism in Men's Health

Me too! I've been diagnosed with it also. So disappointed!

Wed, Mar 13 1:41pm · Peyronie's Disease or not. (real pics) and How to treatmemt in Men's Health

My Peyronies is much much worse with 30% curvature. Hurtful to wife at penetration. I believe my Peyronies originated from my biking. Sleep time erection is the same. My urologist suggests manual therapy by stretching to normal shape during erections. He believes that such action will eventually restore normal position of the erect penis. Not sure yet as I'm having difficulty getting an erection recently. Any suggestions my friend?

Mon, Mar 4 4:05pm · Cystoscopy/stricture questions/concerns. in Men's Health

Not at all! All went smoothly.

Mon, Mar 4 2:29pm · Cystoscopy/stricture questions/concerns. in Men's Health

I'm due for the Cystoscopy in two weeks, though I've had it twice before. Once was a staple operation called UroLift, intended to open up the Prostate passageways for easier `urination. The UroLift surgery didn't work and I'm back to ground zero with a new Urologist. My Cysticcopy procedure is to determine what other blockages I may have. My procedures have previously gone well and I have had minimal to no pain or bleeding.I'm fighting that sudden urge to urinate frequently and with little notice most
times. I'm hopeful that the urologists can find a solution soon.

Tue, Jan 22 4:45pm · CBD oil for tremors in Brain & Nervous System

Mindy, Have you discussed CBD Oil with your Doctor?

Fri, Jan 18 5:50pm · CBD oil for tremors in Brain & Nervous System

Curious about whether your tremors are related to your Parkinson (potential). Or are they the basic famille tremor? I have the latter and use Propranerol for medication. Not as effective as I would like….so if CBD/THC Oil is better I would love e to try it. Do I need a prescription of any type? And is it addictive in any way?

Nov 15, 2018 · ED versus Libido in Men's Health

Ethan, I finally understand that PE stands for Premature Ejaculation. I would be happy with any PE if I could solve my ED/Libido problem.