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Tue, Jun 25 12:04pm · Medication change from clarithromycin to azithromaycin in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I’m so sorry. Your frustration is completely justified!


@migizii Hello, yes, my Pulmo, who sees hundreds of Bronch patients tells me every person’s situation is different. Glad you are doing the work and enjoying results.

Thu, Jun 6 2:10pm · Diagnosed with MAC but not being treated in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I have both MAC and m. Abscessus. We are waiting and monitoring based on lack of symptoms and CT scans.

Mon, May 27 3:20pm · 'PINK SLIME' Data Base in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@windwalker Atta girl! I’m not sick right now, so of course it’s easy for me to be grateful! We”ll see how my attitude is next time I’m down sick! Might need you to snap me out of it!

Sun, May 26 2:34pm · 'PINK SLIME' Data Base in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@windwalker Teri, I know the treatments are so time consuming…when I think I can’t do it again, I try to remind myself we are benefiting from many who have gone before us who had NONE of the treatment options we enjoy. My prayer is we can help those who come after us in any small way. Hang on girl and keep moving, when you can. I’m sorry for all you go through, and I’m grateful for your leadership in this forum. Brenda

Fri, May 24 9:05am · 'PINK SLIME' Data Base in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@windwalker Hi Teri, well bummer, then, I guess, that our water residue is orange instead of pink! LOL

I regularly culture m. Abscessus in both my sinuses and lungs, along with MAC, MAI, HIBB, and now this last sputum sample shows AFB positive, that’s new, along with some fungi: Penicillium series, aspergillosis, and MUCOR.

But I am blessed and lucky to be functioning really well & able to work right now. Have not had to start Big 3. Like you, I take a prophylactic (inhalant) antibiotic daily.

Stay well!

Thu, May 23 7:43pm · 'PINK SLIME' Data Base in MAC & Bronchiectasis

@windwalker Hi Teri, We live in Fresno, CA, and we have an orange residue in our sinks, our refrigerator ice dispenser tray (outside the fridge).