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Aug 7, 2018 · Does anyone have help for cyclical vomiting? in Digestive Health

Hi, I found this site by trying to investigate symptoms I have had for better than 1 year now, it seems almost futile at this point to even put a name on the condition I have. For about 1 year now maybe at 4 to 6 week intervals I get first a rumbling from gas in my stomach, belching helps little, the taste and smell of this gas is always the same so I know what to expect next, Profuse vomiting , not just regular vomiting but this is projectile vomiting, meaning run to bathroom or it just lets loose no stopping it or holding back, this vomiting usually happens and returns maybe every hour all night long, 2 days ago 6/19 I had an episode during the day about 3 PM and continued thru the night, I got little sleep as I was up 9 times throwing up, also I get very bad diarrhea while this is happening, the smells are always the same every episode, same scenario every time.
I have had extensive testing after seeing a Gastrointestinal Doctor, Blood tests, ultra sound checking liver,Gall Bladder, appendix I had Upper GI, had Biopsy of esophagus and Stomach, had stomach empty study done, last week I had the a CT scan of my lower intestines, all test did not show anything abnormal anywhere, no blockages in the Intestines.Nothing ! . My follow up appointment is in September with the GI Doctor , I already sent the Doctor a message and told her I can not keep on like this and need some results soon. Can anyone help ? any Ideas ? Thanks

Jul 22, 2018 · Does anyone have help for cyclical vomiting? in Digestive Health

I have had similar occurrences for over a year, severe vomiting and nausea but mine lasts a day or two then I'm fine. This has occurred 1 or 2 times per month, never having any symptoms to let me know its coming.I have been to a Gastro Doctor, have had every test possible, nothing shows up abnormal in any tests. As of today it has not returned, my last episode was June 19, this has been the longest period vomit free since it began. I wish you luck finding help for your Daughter. Thanks