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Thu, Aug 22 4:11pm · Anastrozole - headaches, disequilibrium, and groin pain in Breast Cancer

I have developed disequilibrium in the last month or so. I have been on anastrazole for 16 months and Ibrance for 13 months. The balance and dizziness issues are new — which make playing golf and doing yoga a real challenge. Any suggestions on managing this would be helpful.

Sun, Jul 21 12:34pm · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

over the counter meds. We get it at Walgreens… I also use Clinique's lip cream; it is expensive but the only thing that I have found that works.

Sun, Jul 21 9:22am · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

I had horrible hand pain… and it got so bad it hurt to put my hands in my pockets. The doctor prescribed Diclofenac Sodium cream (commercial name Volataren) and it has helped a bunch. I also had shots in the palms of both hands and those made an amazing difference. Anything to help with quality of life.

Fri, Jul 5 2:29pm · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

not in the least! Sounds like a reasonable response to me…

Tue, Jul 2 7:59am · Ca 27.29 consistently the 40’s in Breast Cancer

I keep a chart where I track the monthly results. I like to see the changes. I also have the CA15.3 done and it looks like a roller coaster most of the time. The oncologist laughs at my excel chart but I want to know what the numbers are doing. Are you able to see all of your results without consulting the doctor?

Sat, Jun 15 1:56pm · Zometa infusions in Breast Cancer

and mine only took about 20 minutes — way faster than the chemo.

Sat, Jun 15 1:19pm · Zometa infusions in Breast Cancer

i have been fortunate to not have any reaction to the Zometa. I have had at least four infusions. One hint would be to hydrate well during and after.

Fri, Jun 14 6:29am · Zometa infusions in Breast Cancer

I have Zometa infusions once every three months – in fact I have one in a week. My Dr. at U of M is the one who rewrote the protocol for the Zometa infusion timeline — she (and others) discovered there was no difference in efficacy between once a month and once every three months. Best wishes for this treatment — I have found it to be really easy.