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Tue, Jun 4 11:52pm · Meth psychosis in Addiction & Recovery

Thank you for all the good info! It helped a lot, I'm doing some better but we had to place him in protective custody Sun night he threatened to kill himself and jumped out of my moving car, it was terrible, they put him on a 72 hr hold he told me he never wanted to see me again which breaks my heart, but then he called this evening and apologized, but he's still showing signs of paranoia and will be released tomorrow, I'm worried for him as now his dad said he can't come back here and even changed the locks, this has been one of the most heartbreaking 2 weeks of my life, and its not over

Tue, Jun 4 11:45pm · Meth psychosis in Addiction & Recovery

He's not had any meth since last Thursday that I'm aware of, you would think it would be gone by now.( the pychosis)

Tue, Jun 4 11:44pm · Meth psychosis in Addiction & Recovery

We are not sure now how long he's been using, we ended up having him put into protective custody and a 72 hr. Hold, he called me this evening and is still having signs of pychosis, but he said Dr. has not put him on meds at this mental facility, which I don't understand and can't do anything about he will be released tomorrow

Sat, Jun 1 11:27pm · Meth psychosis in Addiction & Recovery

My sons drug of choice has been alcohol, we let him move in to help get a job with the condition of no drinking, well last week he began acting odd and showing signs of paranoia and pychosis, it was frightening I even posted in mental health for answers, this has been going on since last Fri. A recent visit to the ER showed he had an adverse reaction to the drug Meth which I’ve never dealt with, they said a meth pychosis, does anyone know anything about this or how long it takes to come out of it? Where to go for help? Any info would be greatly appreciated

Sat, Jun 1 11:19pm · Psychosis or paranoia in Mental Health

@gingerw we just found out after he was taken to ER I finally saw his discharge papers that had the drug " meth" in his system, he is having a meth pychosis, which I have never heard of but am learning a lot about, he is still showing signs of paranoia/ pychosis we did research online and found it can last for 6 to 10 days, sometimes longer he admitted to taking it now he has been referred to a psychiatric and looks like we will need to set up some form of treatment for substance abuse, yes I believe you have it right we wouldn't allow him to drink here so he took this awful drug, I'm still in shock and trying to figure it all out but at least we have some answers and I have had tremendous support here I thank each and everyone of you I am going to follow the addiction group also on here I think there is one

Sat, Jun 1 11:05pm · Psychosis or paranoia in Mental Health

Thank you so much for explaining that!

Thu, May 30 11:21pm · Psychosis or paranoia in Mental Health

How do I connect to them? Just message each one? Not sure sorry

Thu, May 30 5:28pm · Psychosis or paranoia in Mental Health

That's scary to me at this point, I was hoping he would return to a normal state even if briefly, so I could get him to seek help, yes he must have an underlying cause, but I honestly do not remember any red flags for this, it took us by surprise, although he does have an alcohol problem which when he came here was part of the deal, no drinking and get a job, but yes I will do what I can praying he will change his mind and seek help but at this point he doesn't think he needs any he believes his paranoid world is the reality