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Jun 8, 2018 · Splenic Cyst in Blood Cancers & Disorders

I myself am going through this now and it's most frustrating… part of it is the waiting and part of it is I've had to deal with incompetent doctors or radiologists.

I've had CT and MRI of my splenic cyst. The current Size I'm being given is 5.6cm, which is inaccurate, since there is no "one dimensional"size for something like a cyst. It should be "something x something" at least. Usuall 3 measurements… height width depth. Needless to say, in a couple years my cyst went from 1cm-ish to almost 5.6… even though I've had a previous diagnosis of over 7 cm x over 4 cm… So, my recent diagnosis seems to be missing information already. The MRI report I received was riddled with errors. Even the doctor's assistant who saw me at the Cancer Center agreed that it was the shoddiest MRI report they had seen. It was literally riddled with inconsistencies and errors.

I've done a lot of research regarding splenic cyst and most reputable radiologist will say that any splenic cyst over 5 cm should be operated. Whether it's a partial or full spleen removal… They have a few other options that might not require complete removal of the spleen but they can lead to excessive bleeding and ultimately many times lead to removal anyways….

That being said in my cyst being over 5 cm and having been with me for a few years now… At least two or three… The fact that I feel like I'm being dismissed instead of treatment is getting frustrating to say the least.

When I saw the doctor's assistant, she had seen the MRI report and said based on what she saw she's almost sure that is not cancer but still I couldn't get that definite yes. But she did say for a fact that they needed to biopsy it because they needed to find out what kind of fluid was inside. She told me that if there was blood inside than this could be extremely fatal if it accidentally burst. So it would actually push towards surgery of some kind and fast as opposed to a wait-and-see approach…

However little did I know while I sat around and waited for a biopsy referral to come to me, that the radiologist recommended to my doctor that I don't need a biopsy. His reason? The spleen isn't as big as it used to be. For one this isn't even truth because I don't even have a true measurement of the cyst to compare! Be on that? I don't understand how just because a cyst might appear smaller from one scan to another, how that reduces the fact that they need to know what fluid is in it? It seems ludicrous and stupid to me. It seems like a radiologist who doesn't know what the f he's doing. Keeping in mind this is the same radiologist who handed me an MRI result littered with errors. I was literally told that the cyst is too small to do a biopsy by some people at the clinic… Perhaps they didn't know all the information? But, that's stupid too, since when is a 2inch+ sized cyst too small to do a fine needle biopsy? LOL cysts even smaller than that actually go through the drainage procedure LOL… And their observation that it may not be as big as it used to be does not dismiss the fact that it's still over 5 cm and then it's been with me too long and therefore is not simply taking care of itself. If a cyst was resolving on its own, it should have resolved within months not years. Along with my splenic cyst I also have an enlarged spleen that is just literally under 11 inches… And according to the same radiologist my spleen is enlarged but my liver is. Yet another discrepancy on his MRI report. Nothing seems to add up or make sense when I had a CT scan literally just weeks before. That doctor at the ER was like you need to see an oncologist and he would not dismiss a neoplasm. AKA cancer. He seemed very concerned for me based on what he saw on the CT… Yet this MRI radiologist totally canceled my biopsy all because of its supposedly "not being as big as it used to."

The same hospital did both scans but at two different hospitals. The CT scan done at Sharp Memorial- that's where the doctor was concerned and he told me my cyst is bigger than previous scans. He's the one that told me to start seeing a different doctor when he found out my doctor was being placid about the whole thing and putting me off… And he referred me to a doctor who would get me help. That's what led me to the cancer center. The MRI was done at Sharp Grossmont and they're trying to say that the cyst is smaller then previous records. Not sure what records they have LOL not sure how one sharp radiologist can say it's larger but they say it's smaller. But the one who says it's smaller is also the one that has errors written throughout their report. Go figure. I can understand a CT being the less reliable scan when we're dealing with my new issues such as tiny tiny tumors in the lung Etc but we're talking about a 5 to 6 centimeter cyst here. That is larger than a golf ball and almost the size of a tennis ball…. There's no way the CT doctor didn't know what he was doing. Or what he was seeing. And there's no mistake that he wrote on his report neoplasm is not ruled out. But the other hospital is just treating it like I got a boo-boo on my knee.

So yeah there are others like you that have experienced it but it seems like I get conflicting information from one doctor to another. Mine all told me before that it was no big deal. Then it was a big deal. And now it's all the sudden not a big deal anymore… It just doesn't make sense. Needless to say, I follow up with the Doctor who originally ordered the biopsy 2 weeks ago that was canceled by the radiologist in a couple days and if I can remember I will come back and do an update… I will definitely be asking for a second opinion and another scan. Which kind of pisses me off cuz I already had an MRI scheduled dith different place for 2nd opinion, that they told me to cancel, because they were going to do the biopsy LOL… Sssiiiigggghhhh.

It was not surprising that your update was spleen removal since that seems to be the true diagnosis from a reputable radiologist concerning a cyst on the spleen larger than 5 cm.

I should also mention I live in California where we have really crappy Healthcare. Especially if you're on assistance for medical where all they care about is getting you in the seats so they can fraud the taxpayers with unnecessary tests cuz it's a free-for-all since the money is already there.