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6 days ago · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

@sue225: My ophthalmologist said I probably don't completely close my eyes while asleep. To help my eyes from drying, I wear sleep eye mask at night! I'll try swim goggles to see if it would work better. Thanks!

Thu, May 7 10:48pm · COVID-19 Concerns: How do you help others understand? in COVID-19

Thank you Colleen for your reminder!

Thu, May 7 5:58pm · COVID-19 Concerns: How do you help others understand? in COVID-19

Most countries and U.S. used self-quarantine which didn't work because young people can be infectious with Coronavirus and have no symptoms! These group is so vocal and they want their countries to operate like nothing had happened!!! Their reason is if you are afraid to get Coronavirus "You Stay Home!"
I read Vietnam is successful in stopping the spread of Coronavirus because the government tested everyone. They forced quarantine who tested positive for 14 days in hospital, military barrack, school dormitory, hotels, etc! The infectious people are forced quarantine and the non-infectious people can go out! This is just opposite in most countries, the infectious people are free to be out and infect other people. If you don't like it, you just have to "Stay safe & Stay Home!" to protect yourself. I think it's easier to tell old people what to do than to tell young people what to do!

Wed, May 6 3:13pm · How are you handling anxiety in this time of COVID-19? in Depression & Anxiety

I'm 81 years old. I have no problems staying home all the time! My problem is no matter how careful I observe social distancing, people are still don't get how contagious this Coronavirus is, they would try to come close to me and talk! They either don't care or know that person-to-person transmission are through droplets from cough, sneeze and talking!!! Each time this happened, I would count my days to see if I show Coronavirus symptoms, just like I'm waiting for my lab result for some dreaded disease. Same fear happened if I touched my mail and packages too soon before any Coronavirus died, if any are on the surfaces!
This fear and worry is with me each day! The only thing that can calm me down is telling myself if I died of Coronavirus, it 'll be quicker than cancer. it'll be a blessing than to live another 20 years in pain and sickness!!!

Mon, Feb 3 9:32pm · Second opinion & question about stents in Heart & Blood Health

Going to have a Nuclear Stress test next month to find out what caused my chest pain while I was walking on the treadmill at my cardiologist’s office. Praying that there is nothing serious.

Read an article heading “When is a Stent needed? Tough call!” It said “For heart patients with few symptoms and less than severe artery blockage, whether to use a stent is a question with no clear-cut answer, say cardiologists. In fact, these days some heart experts say the mesh metal tubes used to keep narrowed or weakened arteries propped open are overused for blockages that can be treated just as well with medicine, a healthy diet and exercise”

To ease my worry if the time came for me to decide, I would reach out to you, to hear and learn from your experiences. Did you have the implant and how successful? Or you are doing well with just medicine, a healthy diet and exercise? Thank you for your help & time!

Oct 27, 2019 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

Hi @rosy33: Thanks for your quick reply, it made me smile also! I'll be 81 August 2020! No wonder my primary doctor didn't offer any help when I told her the electric shock I felt on top of my right foot, because no doctor knows! Could it be vitamin B1 and vitamin B12 deficiency? What is PIN? Thanks!

Oct 27, 2019 · Electric shock on top of my right foot middle of the night! in Neuropathy

I was kept awake all night last night! Every few minutes my right leg will jerk so bad because of the electric shock I felt on top of my right foot. This happened at least once or twice a year before! I had previously mentioned to my primary doctor but she didn't refer me to any specialist or offer any advice! Even if doesn't happened often, when it does happen it is really bad! Has any one experienced this exact problem or have some idea what the cause is? Thank you for your caring!

Sep 30, 2019 · Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) procedure in Eye Conditions

@azpowells, I cancelled my very 1st SLT to the displeasure of my ophthalmologist! I read that the most we can have is 2 SLT procedures! My neighbor told me she lost count of how many SLT she had and she still has to use 6 kinds of eye drops! I got very good news last week that after 1 month of switching from Latanoprost and Dorzolamide to Latanoprost to Dorzolamide+Timolol, my eye pressures came down to R11, L11 from R22, L18! I understand that these drops may stop working, then I have to experiment with different drops all over again! Hopefully I don't last that long!!! Life is not a box of chocolate for me at this stage of my life!