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Nov 10, 2018 · Colonoscopy interval - Yearly or Every 3 Years? in Digestive Health

I’m suffering from constipation and acid reflux! I spent many hours researching online for foods and drinks that do not make these symptoms worse! I’m so frustrated because it seems like if it’s good for constipation then it’s bad for acid reflux, e.g. tomato juice is good for constipation but causes heartburn! I have stopped my morning coffee, chocolate, breads, probiotics supplement and soy milk. They either cause constipation or acid reflux or both! Would appreciate your sharing of your experience. Thanks!

Sep 8, 2018 · After knee replacement surgery in Joint Replacements

My husband's golf buddy, who is in his 50, had his left knee replaced in November 2017. His employer has very good health insurance. He was able to go to the best surgeon who is good in robotic knee surgery! He had no problems with his TKR by the robot and only a few months he was able to play 2 round of 18 holes of golf in one day! He kept saying he wish he had it done sooner because he had endured 5 years of knee pain whenever he played golf. I don't think Medicare will pay for robotic knee replacement?

Sep 8, 2018 · Has anyone had sharp thigh pain after hip replacement in Joint Replacements

Marthaellen, I also read all the posts on hip and knee replacement! My sister who is 70 had her TKR in March, had to be on wheel chair for 3 months because one of the screw shattered one of her bone during surgery! She is so scared now to do the other knee! Could it be the skill of the surgeon that some people have absolutely no problems and some people are worst off before the TKR?

Sep 8, 2018 · What’s the criteria for getting a knee replaced? in Joint Replacements

I think if your X-ray or MRI shows bone-on-bone, then TKR will be done! My daughter-in-law is only in her 50, she had both knees totally replaced because of bone-on-bone. I am 78 with knee pain but the doctor only recommend PT, Cortisone shots and Advil. He said my knee only shows narrow gap but not bone-on-bone. Also, he won't do TKR if I was 85 or over even with bone-on-bone condition!!! Don't know if this is because Medicare policy or only his own policy!

Aug 14, 2018 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

Hi @cobweb: Thank you for sharing your successful stem cells experience. It's such an assuring info that ease my worry. The day will come when my left knee pain will need TKR! Medicare probably will never pay for stem cells. I hope my retirement savings will last long enough for me to handle the cost!

Aug 13, 2018 · scar tissue after knee replacement in Joint Replacements

I'm not a good candidate for knee replacement surgery because I developed thick scar tissues or keloids after all the 4 surgeries I had. The scar from surgery I had 30 yrs ago, still raised and sometime still itch. My doctor had removed the scars but they would eventually come back after 6-12 mos! I know I will develop thick scars for all my wounds! Not looking forward to the prospect of needing TKR in the near or far future. I'm 78 and the doctor told me there is no need to repair my torn meniscus because my knee pain is caused by arthritis! In the mean time to lessen the pain, he recommends injection, Advil, ice and then TKR when I have tried everything else! He won't do TKR after age 85!

Jul 13, 2018 · Meniscus Tears-risk for repairing vs risk for not repairing? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Dear @jakedduck1 & @ees1: Thanks you both for your responses! It seems like repairing torn meniscus is not a sure thing to stop the pain! Right now, either the PT does help or someday it just less painful. I hope when I see the orthopedic surgeon on Aug 8, I'll be more informed to make the right decision! I don't want anyone to dig into me either!

Jul 12, 2018 · Meniscus Tears-risk for repairing vs risk for not repairing? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi Jamie Olson: I do not take any pain pills! My primary doctor ordered 6 physical therapy sessions and I'm now on the 3rd session. I can walk around the house but not my usual 1 hr evening walk around my mobile home park! All the old posts that you sent did not say if they had the torn meniscus repaired or just lived with the tears! I just want to be sure that repairing the tear will not cause more pain instead! That's why I posted my question, but I only received 1 reply and still wasn't sure if he said it help or didn't help! I was hoping to hear more from others' experience so I can feel more at peace about my decision. Thank you!