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Sat, Aug 31 3:49pm · When is a Stent needed? Tough call! in Heart & Blood Health

Going to have a Nuclear Stress test next month to find out what caused my chest pain while I was walking on the treadmill at my cardiologist’s office. Praying that there is nothing serious.

Read an article heading “When is a Stent needed? Tough call!” It said “For heart patients with few symptoms and less than severe artery blockage, whether to use a stent is a question with no clear-cut answer, say cardiologists. In fact, these days some heart experts say the mesh metal tubes used to keep narrowed or weakened arteries propped open are overused for blockages that can be treated just as well with medicine, a healthy diet and exercise”

To ease my worry if the time came for me to decide, I would reach out to you, to hear and learn from your experiences. Did you have the implant and how successful? Or you are doing well with just medicine, a healthy diet and exercise? Thank you for your help & time!

Fri, Aug 9 2:55pm · Palpitations in Heart Rhythm Conditions

@afrobin: How long were you on mediation for irregular heart beats? My cardiologist put me on 25 mg Atenolol 2 weeks ago. After 10 days, it did slow down my heartbeats so I can sleep at night, but it makes me very tired! I wonder to keep the palpitations away, I have to take beta-blockers for life? (curious to know the answer before I see my cardiologist next month) I also have mitral valve prolapse.
Thanks so much for your kindness in sharing!

Wed, Jul 31 6:41pm · Heart Rhythm Episodes in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My fast heart rate 133 bpm started 6 days ago and still keeping the same rate! The cardiologist diagnosis is Paroxysmal Atria Tachycardia (PAT). I am taking Atenolol 25 mg. The cardiologist also said PAT will not cause heart attack. I am going to have treadmill test in a month to check if Atenolol is working. He didn't say how soon Atenolol will take effect to slow down my heart beats! I hope it doesn't take one month! I think he probably doesn't know the answer, everyone reacts to drugs differently.
Would you please share your experience if you had fast heart rate and your treatments?
Greatly appreciate your input!

Thu, Jul 11 8:11pm · Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) procedure in Eye Conditions

Saw my ophthalmologist this morning, Latanoprost eye drops only help reducing my eye pressure from 23 to 20. He would like my eye pressure to go down to 14. He can add another eye drop Timolol, which is a beta blocker or I can have SLT procedure.
If you had SLT done, would you please share your experiences and results? Thanks so much for helping!

Mon, Jul 8 7:12pm · Glaucoma and bowel movement straining! in Eye Conditions

Hi Ethan & lioness, Thanks for your input! I'll ask my ophthalmologist on Thursday if he doesn't rush out before I can ask any questions! He said I have mild stage open-angel glaucoma. The first prescribed eye drop didn't bring the eye pressure down, so he prescribed a different one. Hopefully, I'll hear good news that this one works! I'm not looking for laser treatment. I'll be 79 yrs old next month. I have Myopic Degeneration and cataract. One of the surgery risks is retina detachment because of my thinning retina!

Sat, Jul 6 7:38pm · Glaucoma and bowel movement straining! in Eye Conditions

Does straining during bowel movement raise eye pressure & damage optic nerve? Mayo Clinic website doesn't list this as one of the risk factor for glaucoma. Thank you!

Tue, Jun 18 2:26pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

I have Sjogren 's syndrome which causes dry eye and dry mouth for many years! I also use Allergan's Refresh eye drops twice a day. Just read that Krill oil may help relieve dry eye symptom. Start taking it last week instead of fish oil!

Sat, Jun 8 5:23pm · Was just diagnosed with glaucoma, need support! in Eye Conditions

I’ll be 79 in a couple of months and my ophthalmologist just diagnosed my eyes “Primary open-angle glaucoma, bilateral, mild stage”. My eye pressures are borderline high, 22.5 left eye and 21 right eye. Since my dad was blind of glaucoma, the doctor wants me to start using eye drops on my left eye only, so he can compare the result of the drops. After using Travatan Z (free sample bottle from his office) for one month, my left eye pressure went up to 23! He switched me to Latanoprost (Xalatan) with the same direction and recheck one month in July.

I was diagnosed with myopic degeneration or degenerative myopia 9 years ago, I also have bad cataracts. I’m praying that Latanoprost drops will bring my left eye pressure down from 23, so the doctor does not recommend laser or surgery as the next step!!! I don’t heal well; I have very weak immune system. I have Medicare, HMO insurance plan.

I would appreciate so much if you would share any of your experiences of your glaucoma treatment journey and the different types of eye drops that you used!