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Jul 5, 2018 · Phrenic Nerve damage in Lung Health

I recently had lung surgery to remove a cancerous lobe. the cancer had not spread and they say they 'got it all'. However, I now have phrenic nerve damage and would like to hear from others. I am on oxygen because my diaphram is not moving on one side. It has been six months but the nerve is still not working and pulmonary says it probably will never come back. Any more positive takes on this?

Jul 1, 2018 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Thanks for asking. Mostly it is a problem for breathing. I am on oxygen at night and most of the day. I've always been active and hauling around a backpack with air tanks is very frustrating especially when I want to go to the gym. I have to admit tho', I am glad they got rid of the cancer and that I didn't have to go thru' chemo again. I am still able to drive and take care of myself pretty much. There is a couple of fix-its but it is cost prohibitive (hope that is the right word) but maybe in the future. Pat

Jun 24, 2018 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Nancy, I can't tell you how much my heart goes out to you. My husband died when I was 57 really sudden. 2 years later I had colon cancer, chemo and all that. When I went for my 10 year final checkup, I found out the colon cancer was still gone but I had lung cancer. They removed a lobe and hit a nerve and now I have a frozen diaphram and am on oxygen and the pulmonary doctors thinks its permanent.. I had surgery in Jan 2018. In March, my son (52 years old=only child) was diagnosed with stage iV pancreatic cancer. I now take care of him so his wife can work and I take him to chemo etc. Not much hope for recovery unless something new is discovered. I try to enjoy him while I can and accept life as it hits me but some days I am just overwhelmed. I am 70 now.
Its pretty hard to hide from other peoples sickness and often people just don't think. I try to go to the gym or at least walk every few days. I know it builds your immune system. Some days I just can't find the energy.

I have two adult granddaughters that I am very proud of and 5 siblings who try to help me as me as they can. I feel very thankful for those things. I live alone so it is always hardest when I think too much.

Jun 7, 2018 · Lung nodules & scared! in Lung Health

I only recently (Jan 2018) had a lobe removed due to lung cancer.. I'm fine. I would suggest tho' that you see an oncologist. If the nodes turn out to be cancerous, Lung cancer is one of the cancers that has made a lot of headway in cure and survival rates and there are a lot of people sharing your situation. Good luck to you. Just the word cancer was pretty scary for me. I exercised a lot to ease my stress and found someone to talk with.