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Fri, May 3 10:45am · Pericarditis/Constrictive Pericarditis in Heart & Blood Health

@helena4000 I'm so sorry you are feeling so much pain. Have your doctors rules out costochondritis? It's inflammation in the cartilage between your ribs and can feel horrible.

Sun, Apr 21 11:42am · SARCOIDOSIS in Lung Health

@suscros68 HI there. Has anyone responded to you? I kept this message meaning to respond to you, but somehow the days (and months) slipped by. Just wondering if there is a thread of discussion about this.

Wed, Apr 17 12:14pm · Hip Pain in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi again! Were you given corticosteroid shots for your hip? I also had a bursa and was given a shot for that, but ended up having to get steroid shots to help my hip. Also, I use a rolling pin to relieve the muscle tightness all along my thing muscles. When I can, I will roll on my styrofoam roller (which can really hurt at first) but it relieves the tightness and helps the muscle to relax and do their work to support the hip joint. Have they taken any X-rays? I can't remember if you said anything about that. Hope it goes well today.

Tue, Apr 16 4:42pm · Hip Pain in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi jill1234. I know that hip pain can be excruciating and can move down through your thigh and even into your knee. Have they exmained you for bursitis?

Sat, Apr 13 10:11am · ICD help! in Heart & Blood Health

Hi. I was pacing 100% as well as, prior to my heart transplant. One night I felt as if my ICD had moved. I called and they suggested going to the ER for an xray to see if the device had moved since it was implanted. All the leads and the device were still in place but they discovered an atrial flutter which did not subside until I was cardio-verted back into regular sinus rhythm. I would not have known about the flutter – it's not fib- if I hadn't gone in. So I was lucky. Also when I had my trans plant – one year and a half after this event – the surgeon who removed my ICD told me that the device was not fully in its pocket. While the earlier xray showed that it was stil in situ, its position had changed. This is not to frighten you but rather to say that you are always correct to call and have someone check on your device. I 'm sure all will go well for you.

Fri, Mar 22 3:21pm · Autoimmune attacking my lungs in Autoimmune Diseases

Hello everyone. I know how difficult it can be and if we are allergic to a drug we need, it's even more difficult. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease – sarcoidosis – in 2004. As I read all of these posts, I am not seeing that anyone is getting a lung biopsy, or am I wrong?

Sun, Mar 17 10:17pm · Thyroid? Or something else? Constant internal shakiness in Autoimmune Diseases

I guess I am surprised that a biopsy wasn't performed prior to surgery.

Sun, Mar 17 2:10pm · Diastolic blood pressure in Heart & Blood Health

This was such a smart process to explore what could be wrong. Maybe anyone with high blood pressure should also consult a nephrologist. I am a heart transplant patient with no previous issue with HBP but with blood in my urine. My blood pressure had increased slowly and my nephrologist placed me on an ARB which would help my kidneys. It immediately brought down my BP. Thanks for your post!.