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1 day ago · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

Hello all, I'm a little confused. The COVID 9 vaccine is not the the Shingles vaccine. At my heart transplant, I was told we could not have the Shingles vaccine because at that time it was a live vaccine. Since Shingrix has arrived on the market, this has changed. I just contacted my nurse coordinator and was told that this vaccine is safe for me. I'm planning on getting it on Wednesday. Everyone's medical history is unique and our coordinators are able to offer the best medical counsel. I will await a COVID vaccine that makes sense for all of us with new organs. We'll see what happens!

3 days ago · Divot (or Dent) in Thigh, Five Months After Giving Birth in Fertility & Reproductive Health

My wonderful mother had this as well. After giving birth to six girls within eight years and she carried that mark with her as a trophy for the rest of her life!

5 days ago · Donation Chains Save Lives in Transplant

Congrats all around! Gratitude and compassion. They come in pairs with donation!

Sat, Aug 1 8:38pm · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

So, I believe it makes sense to listen to them!

Tue, Jul 21 12:53pm · Mental health meds for someone with heart problems in Heart & Blood Health

I agree. Please seek medical advice now.

Sat, Jul 4 10:58am · Tacrolimus: Temporary Cessation in Transplants

I agree with Ginger! Whenever we take anti-rejection meds – I had a heart transplant and take both sirolimus and cellcept – there are pharmacists available to us through either CVS Specialty or from whichever company you obtain your meds. They are available to answer these types of questions. I might suggest you try there and explain your circumstances and symptoms. Ellen

Wed, Jun 10 8:14pm · Dry eyes in Eye Conditions

Adding my two cents: moving to southern Arizona in the desert and my dry eyes were getting much worse. Just spoke with opthamologist's office and I will try Refresh Mega 3 ointment, Systane nighttime gel at night – my eyes are extremely dry in the morning – and Aquaphor on my eyelids as they are very sensitive. I have a feeling this will work!