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Jul 8, 2018 · TBI and brain aneurysms in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

I also had a medical scare while being hospitalized for an unrelated issue. CT scans exposed a small brain tumor up against the “vein of Galian”.
Almost exactly the size of a “good-n-plenty” candy.
To have a doctor come up to me and say…”has anyone ever told you that you have a brain tumor??”
Was quite eye opening. I might have had it my whole life and nobody just looked there…but they figured out it could just be a LIPOMA. I have had headaches for several years but no results to why.
So hang in there … you are NOT ALONE with scary medical issues.

Jun 17, 2018 · Growing knee pain after 2 knee replacements. in Chronic Pain

Nov 2012 I had my L knee replaced.
Never correct. Very painful!! Soon after I had a Widow-maker Heart Attack. It took until Dec 2016 to get my Cardiac O.K. to get the failed L knee replacement finally FIXED!! Jan 2017 was the revision surgery. 13 small blood clots were now lodged in my lungs. More pain around my entire knee that I should ever have to deal with also! Now my good R knee is coming apart. Ortho Surgeon says a Replacement is needed. But guess what.?? I got rear ended and my car was TOTALLED!! C5/C6/C7 were fused and from my face to my neck is NUMB. And TAH-DAH that surgery threw two MORE blood clots to my Lungs. “Blood thinners” for life now!! (Ugh!)
So what does my primary care doctor do…?
I am considering CHANGING my primary care doctor because I can NOT deal with all the pain that my NECK and KNEES are giving me.
I am SO TIRED of hurting ALL THE TIME!!
And now my pain medicine is gone.