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Dec 18, 2018 · Calcium Scoring Test in Heart & Blood Health

This is not that bad, usually 400 is when it is considered high risk and over 1000 for very high risk (I'm 1014). You also have to consider your age and what percentile the score puts you in. I would be more concerned about the abnormal EKG than the calcium score. Your doctor would have taken a more aggressive approach if you were at high risk of an event short term so try to relax until you see the cardiologist.

Dec 5, 2018 · very high calcium score. in Heart & Blood Health

Next step will probably be a stress test, and if that indicates any blockages a cath may be done and further procedures like stents or bypass may be indicated. I do know someone who had a score of 1100 and was apparently healthy and asymptomatic and his cardiologist went straight to a cath which led to an immediate double bypass. A lot depends not only on your husband's actual condition but on how aggressive the cardiologist is in his treatment approach. The anxiety and stress in this situation can be hard on the patient and on the spouse so make sure that you are aware of the mental affect and take care of yourselves. The important thing is that this was caught before he had any major event so that it can be fixed, Best of luck.

Oct 22, 2018 · very high calcium score. in Heart & Blood Health

What was your calcium score (mine is over 1000)? The CT just quantifies the amount of calcified plaque in your arteries (usually only 20 is calcified so you probably have 5 times the amount of plaque). The stress test measure whether the plaque is causing stenosis (blockage) which if over 70% usually results in a stent. The fact that you had a good stress test means your heart is getting enough blood, but the fact that you have so much plaques means that if it ruptures you could have a piece break off and cause a heart attack or stroke. I'm in the same boat. As long as you are asymptomatic the treatment is really just healthy lifestyle changes and meds and cross your fingers! Now that you know you are at risk you know not to treat any symptoms lightly and head to the ER as soon as you feel anything unusual.

Oct 21, 2018 · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

hi @ochip

All of the lifestyle changes and meds are meant to reduce your risks of having a cardiac event, they have no bearing on lowering the calcium score. Actually once you are diagnosed with CAD due to a high calcium score there is little merit in repeated CT tests. Just as important as your total score is where you are in percentile for your age group. Just concentrate on controlling the factors that are within your power and be vigilant.

Oct 14, 2018 · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

My cardiologist told me that at this time there is no way to distinguish between vulnerable and non-vulnerable plaque, and the level of calcification is not an indicator. He said the first one to come with such a test will probably win the Nobel Prize for medicine.

Oct 14, 2018 · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

The calcium in the blood is not what to be concerned about The CT that identifies the calcified plaque is indicative of coronary artery disease, depending on the score. It is important to note that only about 20% of plaque is calcified, so you actually have 5 times the amount of plaque.

Unfortunately it is not possible to differentiate between stable and unstable plaque at this time. I haven't seen any study that says calcified plaque is more stable. There are two concerns with CAD. First is the stenosis which is the actual blocking of the arteries. At least with this there is a good chance of having warning signs with this and once you are symptomatic you have treatment options. However, if you have a plaque rupture you can end up with a sudden major cardio event or stroke.

Oct 14, 2018 · High Calcium Score in Heart & Blood Health

@lioness – You're confusing calcium levels in the blood with calcified plaque in the arteries, two completely different things

Oct 2, 2018 · very high calcium score. in Heart & Blood Health

I'm 62 and my father died at 55 (as well as grandfather, aunt, and uncle all in the 40's and 50's, plus 3 cousins with heart attacks and/or stents also at young ages). I'm asymptomatic and also have had a good stress test. I have maintained my ldl in the 50-70 range for years with 20mg Crestor and 10mg Zetia. After my high cac score (1014) my cardiologist call the very next day and was very alarmist due to the risk associated with the high cac (25% chance of a major CV event within a year, likely one within 3-5 years).. He immediately increased my statin to 40. Within a month my liver enzymes increased to 5-6 times the mormal upper limits, whereas in the past they never were outside normal limits. I then had to stop the statin completely for a month which got my AST back to normal and my ALT to 1.5 times normal (he said it's OK as long as it is not more than 2.5 times normal). I'm now back to 20mg and am being monitored every sis months.

As long as you are asymptomatic and living a healthy life style there is not much else you can do. As soon as you experience symptoms make sure you call your doctor or get to a hospital. Knowing you have a high cac score is a double edged sword. It is good to know you are at high risk so you can manage the risk factors that are within your control. However, that same knowledge can create stress and anxiety with the uncertainty of if/when you may have an event. If the latter is a major issue make sure you reach out and address it to avoid sure it doesn't lead to situational depression. You have to live your life as normally as possible!