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May 24, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Wanted to be one of the few posting positive results going off Effexor. I started taking Effexor XR 75 mg 10 months ago strictly for horrible hot flashes caused by a complete hysterectomy including ovaries. I’m not a candidate for taking hormones at all. Had positive results with 75% reduction in hot flashes until January when they started to come back especially at night. My doctor cautioned me about increasing but since a good friend had doubled her Effexor and had great results with hot flashes I urged the doctor to do it and she did. Was on 150 mg XR from January until May. Again my body got too used to the drug and hot flashes returned (but no where near like the premed ones). I also was experiencing nightmares and the worst dry mouth which triggered a tic in my mouth. So with my doctor I decided to go off as did my friend. We have different doctors. So our doctors took different approaches but we both had positive withdrawals. I reduced mine at first in 25 mg increments weekly with a non-XR pill. My friend went from 150 mg to 75 then to 37.5 all in 3 weeks. She did have crying jags, lots of night sweats & brain fog for about 4 days but is doing fine now and said she feels so good despite some hot flashes. I started mine a few weeks ago. I went from 150 to 125 on April 30 then on May 7 went down to 75 then on May 14 down to 50 and stopped completely this past Monday May 21. Other than some brain fog and hot flashes I have had no issues. Sadly the dry mouth/tic is still there but I have tons of energy & dropped 5 lbs immediately. I was scared to death based on all the horror stories so wanted to list some good news for 2 ladies who were successful. I’m taking a break from meds and will deal with those wretched hot flashes. We did not take the meds for anxiety or depression and were only on them about 10 months so that may make a big difference.