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May 23, 2018 · Congestive heart failure- Overmedicated? in Heart & Blood Health

@daniquinn The same thing that happened to your fiance happened to me last month. They kept me in the hospital for a week. We're still not sure what caused it but I had pneumonia and then congestive heart failure. I'm on the same meds your fiance is, except for the Tamsulosin. They did an echocardiagram at the hospital and plan to do another at the three month mark. My ejection fraction was at twenty percent. They also did an angiogram while I was in the hospital which showed my arteries had no blockages. I've had two cardiologist visits since I left the hospital on April 21st and my next visit is set at the six week mark. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them, if I can. My only suggestion would be to try to get them to do an echocardiagram now, since it's been quite a while since the incident. Also, please don't let him consider stopping meds without the doctor's keeping a close eye on him. I hope this helps. Edited to add: Oh, and I turned 58 while I was in the hospital and have never had a heart or lung issue before so it was a shock.