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May 18, 2018 · I don't know what I have, but it's painful! in Chronic Pain

Leahklein, has anyone reached out since this post? I’m curious. I feel you. Doctors are tired, they get up and run like most Mother’s do. Eventually, it becomes politics and a paycheck. Who can blame them with the way the health Care system is. I know this does not help your concerns or frustrations. Reading this, sounds like me. I haven’t been able to breath right while laying down since March 2015. My right side felt bruised every time I laid on it since Dec. 2016. I see an endocrinologist at Christiana Hosp. And recently saw one at UofPenn Hosp. I see a gastroenterologist at Penn who also specializes in the liver. Eight years ago, I quit smoking, completed the change of life (started when I was 38, finished when I was 42), found out I had an under active thyroid (who the Australian doc at Jefferson HOSP said I was fine) as I felt like a Mack truck was running me over every day and I blew up like an hot air balloon overnight…at least that is what it felt like. Even my co workers asked if I was pregnant or what was wrong. Back to my right side, still feels bruised on right side, it’s 2018, started Dec 2014. My liver enzymes are have been high for a few years and in 2016, I found out I have a fatty liver. I do have Barrett’s disease, it was told I have fibromyalgia, my memory has declined along with being able to multi task, my back…that’s another story for a different day. Back to breathing..saw a lung doctor, had some test…all looked good but yet, I can’t breath right. I do sleep with a CPAP. That’s when I started using it every night. A few friends went and I went to Mexico a few years back. We were in Tula. There were these steps that went down to the water….coming back up, I had to stop and when I go to the top, I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath. They were fine and noticed how hard it was for me. I move fast but I am overweight by at least 50lbs according to BMI. I can’t loose it. My muscles at the top of my throat and at bottom of stomach, are shot according to Jefferson University. I had my gallbladder when my son was one bc I kept vomiting and pain in my stomach…that wasn’t it bc it happened again (ended up in ER few times), so they decided my sphinxes needed to be cut so food can go down. Came home same day from Hahneman HOSP in Philly and ended up in ER with pancreatitis for 5/6 days. Had I not have gone, my body would have shut down and bye bye. Well I can go on and on … O’not to mention I have scars on my arms from itching for the past 11 years. It comes and it goes and only targets my arms. It can last 3 months…only ice helps. No one can figure that one out either. Back to breathing….it has to be something bc it is not normal. Sometimes my heart flutters for me to catch my breath. I was once told from a Christiana Heart doc that was norm. Maybe it is but I don’t feel normal when it happens. Sometimes my blood pressure is so low that I feel like my heart is trying to pump blood. I think my last one was 78/59…I was told it was good. If it’s goid, then why do I always feel so tired and all my joints, muscles and bones hurt. Why do I wake up with barely any eyelids, why can’t I concentrate, why can’t I lie down without my CPAP hooked to my nose, why do I itch, why does my sides hurt on each side of ribs….the list goes on. Be your own advocate, do research. Doctors are not miracle workers. I do agree that we are a number to most. And bc most are too busy, if it’s not a familiar diagnosis, they send you on your way with no answers and like you said….no further investigation. Keep in mind, it’s the hospitals, the health insurance and the pharmaceutical companies that rake us!!!! It’s their domino affect! One will never cave and lower their prices to normalcy until they stop being greedy, work together, and start becoming human. A lot of these doctors’ hands are tied!! Back to politics…we need our leaders to put their actions behind their words and stop the cycle!!!!! Stop the medical, insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies from abusing us and ESPECIALLY the our elders. So my point being is it’s not about finding a solution. It’s about greed, laws, employers that force doctors to be on an assembly line basically instead of being a doctor. Be your own advocate and don’t let anyone tell you to stop looking on the internet! Know your own body! That’s another thing, if it’s not in the “insurance range” or “doctors range” then they decide you are like everyone else and your body and your mind is fine if it’s in their ranges!!! No two bodies are alike…wake up America!!!