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May 17, 2018 · my 11 yr old has had stomach pain and throwing up for a month in Digestive Health

This is hitting close to home. I came here to find out information on my 12 year old, otherwise perfectly healthy son. He has been throwing up 5-15 times per day for almost 3 months. It's always clear, he is absorbing food. We've taken him to a pediatric GI specialist at Duke, have our 4th appointment today. He's done the gastric emptying can, upper GI, ultrasound on the stomach, x-rays… bloodwork and urine tests out the wazoo. All is clear! And yet it's only getting worse. We took him to an allergist and did discover that he is allergic to all trees, grasses, molds… basically the state of NC. He's getting two allergy shots per week and on allergy medications until those kick in in a few months. IDK what else to do. I get the honor of dropping my straight A student off at school while he bends over in pain and pukes out the window at least once on the 1.4 mile ride to school.
We are all at a breaking point. He has classic soccer tryouts this week, thank goodness his coaches know him and have been awesome about his health issues. Prior to all of this, he had a severe concussion for 9 weeks, the flu, stomach virus and strep for the first time. It's been a very tough road. He's NEVER had an antibiotic before this year, just hasn't needed them.
I am taking him to a homeopathic doctor as soon as the labs for that appointment get back. Just another $400, no big deal… and I can't work full time at this point and haven't been able to for MONTHS because of his health issues.
I don't know why this isn't being taken more seriously. Just because a pill can't be prescribed doesn't mean they shouldn't work faster to find solutions. NO reason for this to linger on for months and months. I find this unacceptable as I write out thousands of dollars of checks to DUKE, WAKE MED… allergists, homeopaths. I feel like NOTHING is being done or taken seriously.
It took me 4 years and 5 doctors and one homeopath to figure out I actually have hashimotos and celiac… THANKS! We are desperate.