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May 3, 2018 · Video Q&A about Identifying and Treating Anxiety in Kids and Teens in About Kids & Teens

I have a question in regards to anxiety in teens. My son is 14. He is a generally shy and nervous kid. He plays competitive sports with a lot of pressure “ to win” from coaches. I can see he’s very nervous during the game because he doesn’t want to “mess up”. He tends to get headaches/ stomach aches during intense games. I worry that these physical symptoms are caused by anxiety. Even though he tells me it doesn’t.
He also was diagnosed with Crohns 2 yrs ago when he was 12. He’s been playing sports since 8 yrs old. Could the stress of playing sports cause him to have Crohns?
Worried Mom

Apr 28, 2018 · Dysautonomia/Syncope in Brain & Nervous System

Dr prescribed Cymbalta which has helped with pain and helps her to sleep more than 4 hrs at a time. She typically would wake up constantly from neck pain or migraines. She is doing Botoxfor the migraines which reduces the severity in half. Dr started her on Mitadrine? It is to keep her blood pressure up since she has always had low bp. Dr also sent her to yoga specially for people with Dysautonomia.
This is the first time in yrs that she has found any relief.
It has made us hopeful that she can get back to a normal active life.

Apr 28, 2018 · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Kanaaz
Glad to be joining the group. Hoping in finding out how others manage their symptoms of POTS/Dysautonomia.
My daughter was recently diagnosed with dysautonomia. Her heart stops while having fainting episodes. On the tilt table test her pause was 30 seconds. She has been dealing with this since a teenager she is now 28. Her fainting episodes are triggered by anxiety or pain. It happens on average 3 times a yr. Many yrs of wrong medications & misdiagnosis has allowed this disorder to control her daily activities in her life.
Her new neuroscience dr recommends a pacemaker & is referring us to Mayo Clinic to see an Autonomic Specialist. We have been put on a waiting list at Mayo. It could be 6 months before we get in. It’s hard to wait so long for relief since she also suffers with migraines, neck pain, weakness, overall just never feeling “normal”. She is extremely thin, pale & always Cold.
Curious if others with similar symptoms/ diagnosis found relief from a pacemaker implant?
Concerned mom

Apr 26, 2018 · Treatment options for Dysautonomia in Autoimmune Diseases

My daughter has been diagnosed with Dysautonomia that is not pots at least not your typical pots. She has low blood pressure and faints with her heart stopping. Her tilt table test showed her pause was 30 seconds. Her fainting episodes only happen when triggered by anxiety. Ex. Getting a root canal at dentist. Giving a speech. Witnessing someone’s injury. Her episodes occur 1-3 times a yr. I believe Pots patients faint often & at any given time. She doesn’t fit this criteria.
Our dr recommends a pace maker & is referring us to Mayo Clinic. Mayo has us on a waiting list with an Automic Specialist. Mayo won’t give us an estimate of how long the wait list is:(
We wanted to wait on the pacemaker until we got a chance to talk to Drs at Mayo. Our own Dr said there is no guarantee the pacemaker will make any difference so it makes us skeptical. Wondering if others benefited from their pacemakers?

Apr 26, 2018 · Dysautonomia/Syncope in Brain & Nervous System

I know these posts were 2 yrs ago but my story sounds so much like theirs. Curious how they are doing now after they possibly having a pacemaker for a few yrs already?
My daughter started fainting when she was 13 yrs old. Dr did tilt table test at the time. Saw that her heart did stop. She had a 5 second pause. She also always had extreme low blood pressure. They put her on Atenolol and said she would grow out of these fainting episodes ( which only happened with anxiety or pain).
Ex. Giving speech at school or witnessing a friend getting injured or getting her ears pierced. From 13 to 17yrs old she did well on the Atenolol.
18-24yrs old she began fainting again & had extreme migraines which prevented her from finishing college. Multiple drs could not help her. They blamed her for being dehydrated & poor eating habits. We saw cardiologists& nuerologists and lots of medications that never helped.
She became extremely thin, pale, weak, always tired. Always having pain from migraines. GI problems started occurring. She’s lived this way for roughly 10 yrs. Just this yr she finally got the correct diagnosis with Dysautonomia & they want her to get a pacemaker because she did another tilt able test and her pause was 30 seconds. Yikes! She is being referred to Mayo Clinic.
She is now 28 yrs old. She is seeing an automic specialist who has also been a big help.
This all came about the last few months. So we are first learning about Dysautonomia now. We had never heard of it before nor POTS neither.
Anyone’s stories or information are greatly needed and appreciated! A worried mom