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Apr 26, 2018 · Couldn't get appointment at Mayo Clinic. in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Mayo clinic is not perfect by any means and I would guess the type of insurance you have may have played a role in you getting in or not getting in to be seen.
There are also many other factors that play a role in that though, such as if you self referred or had your physician refer you. Whether they deem that you can get that care in your area , also the fact that in May they are updating the entire electronic records system and so things are a bit backlogged and crunched as a result of that etc.. many things can influence you getting an appointment with the Mayo clinic , including the area you are trying to get in to.

If you need those services in the future , I would suggest being referred to internal medicine or self referring, and letting them coordinate the care. If your personal physician is making the referral and knows the specialty area , then let them refer you. Making a self referral to a speciality area can sometimes result in a denial.

I also encourage you to contact the office of patient experience and let them know about your concerns. Providing that feedback is important in helping the system improve to meet everyone's needs.

Apr 26, 2018 · What are your accommodation recommendations when coming to Mayo? in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Stay away from the Staybridge out on Commerce Drive. Bad management and rooms and common areas are often not cleaned well as well as Pet rooms not deep cleaned after guests with pets well. Also they offer different rates for the same room same days and unless you demand it they dont offer the Mayo clinic discount even if they know you are a patient or patients family. You have to ask for it and triple check to make sure you have it. Pool chemicals are also often off either low chlorine or so high it bleaches your suits.
We stayed there for almost 3 months , this is one Id avoid.

Apr 26, 2018 · Guidance Needed: Investigating flying to Mayo in Minnesota in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Depending on what you need to be treated for Mayo is possibly not the best option always. As a nurse and a family member of a previous patient, I have definitely seen some concerning things. I feel the clinic is good, specialists are good in most areas with a few areas that are lacking , but over the last few years there has been a decided shift in things and a decline is care at St Mary's from what I can see and some pretty big concerns that I have seen first hand as a nurse and as family. Big enough that our own child will no longer be having surgery there this summer.

So while I think Mayo does good work in most areas, they are not perfect and some areas I would literally tell people to look elsewhere.
So do your research and do even more research on the actual physicians you plan to see. Make sure Mayo fits what you need.

Apr 26, 2018 · Guidance Needed: Investigating flying to Mayo in Minnesota in Visiting Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is not the only resource out there, so for certain investigate places closer to home for your particular conditions first.

If you decide to fly to Rochester MN, you will need to get your appointments lined up first.

To do that if you have multiple concerns or an undiagnosed condition, they would usually suggest setting up an appointment with Internal medicine. The physician in that area will then make referrals and coordinate your care to specialists during your stay. You can go online and make a self referral or get your physician at home to call and make the referral.

I will warn you that on May 5th 2018 the clinic is going to go through a big transition moving the electronic records system to EPIC and so expect delays and a tougher time getting appointments from now until they sort it all out, I would expect til maybe August.

You will also need to bring all your records with you and imaging . You should plan on a 7-10 day stay but be prepared to stay longer. That makes flying in and out harder because of a set return flight date.

To save money, I would suggest flying into Minneapolis if possible and renting a car and driving the 1.5 hours down to Rochester.

Choose a hotel that offers the free shuttle service ( most do ) so you can avoid parking at the clinic. IF you choose to park at the Clinic , use the Damon Ramp , get there early and buy the extended parking pass for 40.00 for 10 days making parking 4.00 a day. The pass is good for all the ramps and gives you in and out privileges so if you have to leave and come back you only get charged once for the day.

I also suggest packing food items , non perishable things like cliff bars or other snacks because clinic days get busy and they fill in things with more appts and reasonably priced food isn't readily available always at the clinic.

If mobility is an issue , when you get to the clinic ask for a transporter to take you to wherever you need and they will use a wheel chair to get you to appts.

As far as hotels, there are several attached to the Main Mayo buildings….. The Kahler inn and suites is probably the most reasonable of them all. Not the Grand Kahler , but the Kahler Inn and suites. I would say away from the Holiday Inn. But again, most of the area hotels have free shuttle services .

Youd need to check to see if they can accommodate a scooter though.

Keep in mind if any of your appts are over at Genrose or St Mary's you will have to take the patient shuttle to get there or drive over. Those buildings are not attached to the main clinic.

also while you are there, talk to the social workers . If you meet the guidelines sometimes you can get a Walmart prepaid card or other fin help with food costs or hotel costs etc…

Good Luck!