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Aug 4, 2018 · Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Breast Cancer

After 2 months of chemo now, Was sent to Emergency Rm for Heart Palpitations after my 2 nd chemo treatment, results of testing showed my thyroid had went hyper from having Hypothroidism for over 40 yrs . Got my newest lab results back,my T3 and Free levels are still very low ,my Primary Doctor had changed my Medication dose from 90mg to 60mg over a a month ago, I was told to keep taking that medication for now ! I have been so tired ,sore throat , and a really bad swallowing issue to the point of only have a liquid soft diet ! My Care team at the Chemo treatment center hasn't been concerned about my thyroid ,.matter fact they actually not even mention it ,,, shouldn't this be a major issue considering It could cause a heart attack or stroke? Anyone else that's had treatments to totally mess your thyroid levels up ?

Jun 27, 2018 · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

My Indocrinologist Dr. Latif here in Memphis helped me more with my PN than any other Doctor ,he put me on Vits. . B12 Folbee,, and D,E after changing my diet no Carbs ,not packaged food ! I finally got my PN under control not burning in my feet 24/7 , I take Elavil at night for pain helps with sleep ,and only take a half of a Tramadol if I go shopping or on my feet for a few hrs. I elevate my feet when sitting down at home , Tumeric is also a great pain reliever you can put in your food or make hot drinks ! I personally make homemade soups and add it in my food !! But,can buy it in Pill form !!! Hope this helps!!

Jun 21, 2018 · Concerned about the side effects of anastrozole in Breast Cancer

Thanks for the information , I have had Neuropathy for over 5 yrs , I had just finally got my symptoms under control and had a Routine that made it easy to live with PN ,without taking Pain Meds like Tramadol and Elival at night because all the other Meds. Didn't help ! !!! Then I found the BC lump ! This has been my concern ,chemo bringing the chronic pain and burning all back .My Indocrinologist actually got my burning and pain levels under control by Vitamins B-12 Folbee, E and D 700 and 600 mg once a day ,plus I changed my eating ,mostly veggies and fruit,,,any kind of prepackaged w/ filler foods always made mine worse !! Now with Chemo my Oncologist tells me to stop them because of possible reactions with Treatment !!! It's really strange the Different ways Oncologist treat ,I understand everyone with each case ,but it seems getting all the immune support in your body the better !!! I guess I just think with Logic!!!

Jun 19, 2018 · Is Breast Pain a Sign of Breast Cancer? in Breast Cancer

I had a pulling or tugging feeling at the mass, while checking for lumbs my nipple enverted, once the nipple enverted I knew I had A Lump! One other symptom I noticed tiny pen size red dots appearing on my chest and body! Hope this helps!

Jun 19, 2018 · Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Breast Cancer

Yeah, its the Red Devil, because it's red! Ono. Sent me to the Emergency there at his office building to run EKG,CTwith contrast, they drew 4 times my blood to have tested, lab sent all 12 viles back !finally after 2 hrs a nurse came in a machine that could locate my good vain,then it could be read by lab! It was like I had air in my blood!!crazy! !! Having Palpitations, dizzy, tightness in right side,low blood pressure for 5 days, i was sent home to go get more testing from Primary Doc and my Indocrinologist within a few day's because something is going on! My low thyroid was hyper,and low mag.! TONIGHT i feel this chemo has done this to me! I CAN'T UNDERSTAND IF i was stage 0-1,no other spread limp node, after mass removed, cancer free,Why am I taking a Poison like Chemo?

Jun 18, 2018 · Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Breast Cancer

Just had my lumpectomy in May,Triple Negative ,,had my Port put in the day before Chemo ,the Red Devil """ everything was going great until 5 and 6 day after treatment ,my heart felt it was coming out of my chest ,all my blood pressure taken during this time said irregular beat!! I go tomorrow for my first follow up with Onocologist tomorrow ! Has anyone else had these kinds of reaction taking chemo ,or is this normal ,I never read this was normal ,because nothing about feeling your about to die is normal !!! I had Neuropathy and take Metformin before for over 5 yrs or more ! Could this be my problem ???