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Sun, Jun 9 6:03am · Should I consider ablation? in Heart Rhythm Conditions

If you are in great shape then I would definitely go and have it done. I am like you, I wouldn’t want to take all that medications. Take care

Tue, Apr 23 6:22am · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

Yes, I also have Fructose Intolerances. I can’t get any sugars at all. peas, carrots, onions, garlic, fruits, table sugars
honey, diet pop, gum etc. It a horrible diet.

Sun, Mar 31 1:25pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

I have Fructose Malabsorption too, it’s one of the hardest diets around. I am also Lactose and Celiac Intolerance too.
Why are you taking omeprazole? I also had heart burn for many years and my Doctor suggested me to start off drinking Aloe Vera Juice, the whole leaf. First rub some on your arm to see if you have a reaction, if not then start with 1/4 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup before going to bed. Do that for 5 days then go to 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup before going to bed, do that for 25 days. Hopefully you should be cure of that nasty heartburn. Make sure you buy the Lily of the Desert
Preservative Free, Whole Leaf it’s organic too. Maybe you should give up all dairy for 30 days including all cheeses including goat cheese and sheep cheeses. If you don’t feel any bettter than try one more thing give up wheat, barley, flour and rye, if you cannot then switch to organic wheat, rye flour etc. so many sprays on the crops nowadays. Have you been tested for Celiac? If everything fails then find the best, number one Clinic/hospital that specializes in your condition. Good luck

Sun, Mar 31 1:25pm · Fructose Malabsorption in Digestive Health

You can order the Aloe Vera Juice off of Amazon and just drink it straight. Whole Foods would have it too and so would any good health food store. Make sure you get that brand that I sent you. Do you have food in your stool? If so then you need to also get a good enzyme, take 1-2, 20 minutes before your meal, if you eat very little than take one. I was on a prescription enzyme called Viokase for about 15 years and it stop working. As far as a Doctor in your area I really don’t know, I am from Chicago. If your medication isn’t working then go back and tell your Doctor that he needs to try something else. I would try the Aloe Vera Juice first, meantime if you have undigested foods in your bowel movement then ask your Doctor if he can give you a prescription for Viokase. Most Doctors will. I think you will feel a lot better once you start taking the Aloe Vera Juice. It took me about 15 Doctors before I hit the jackpot for all of my stomach issues and finally I found the perfect Doctor. I was born with lactose and fructose Intolerances and at that time both conditions weren’t recognized, so I developed all kinds of heath problems. Please rub a littte on your arm to see if you have a reaction before drinking the juice, most people can drink the juice. Let me know how you are doing.

Mon, Mar 25 7:18am · I'm having multiple odd episodes that are keeping me undiagnosed. Help in Brain & Nervous System

Yes, you can asked your Primary Doctor for a toxins test, but you might have to pay out of your own pocket or unless your Primary Doctor is willing to write a letter to your Health Insurance Company or if your Doctor indicates she/he is looking for a certain disease. I had Mercury and 12 other toxins in my body. My Health Insurance did pay for my tests. I had to pay for the medication because I took the natural approach. It was well worth it.

Mon, Mar 25 7:09am · I'm having multiple odd episodes that are keeping me undiagnosed. Help in Brain & Nervous System

I take Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3, one is a prescription and the other is over the counter. So I take Vitamin D2 at 50,000iu per week and a 5,000 Vitamin D3 every day. I have Secondary Hyperparathyroidism and all the sunshine will not help me at all. It’s important to know your numbers and get tested, thank goodness for my Cardiologist that discover my severe Vitamin D, low Calcium and my Osteoporosis. Every bone in my body was hurting me for over 15 years and Doctors thought I was crazy.

Sat, Mar 16 9:15am · Functional Neurological Disorder in Brain & Nervous System

What causes the ammonia to raise?

Sat, Mar 16 6:33am · HELP PLEASE..losing movement from the neck down. in Brain & Nervous System

Hi: I am so sorry that your mother is going through some horrible medical issues. If you think if it’s neck related please find the best Doctor that specializes in neck problems. Also you can get her reports and read the reports and look up all medical terms that are on the reports and hopefully you can find a link. Most Doctors won’t do that because it’s time consuming. I have severe arthritis in my neck and when I turn my neck it pops snaps and cracks. Maybe you can find a Geneticist too. Geneticist can figure out if she has a defected gene that’s causing her other medical problems. Also find the best Rheumatologist, hopefully they can be a great help too. Meanwhile have her Primary Doctor do a Toxin Test to see if she has any toxins in her body like lead, Mercury arsenic etc. Make sure you read the toxin report yourself because most Doctors will tell you everything is in the normal range. The numbers should all be under 5 and no higher because some people react differently. I had so many toxins in my body and the Doctors told me all was find and when I read the report I was shocked that I had so many toxins and all very high numbers. I had to find a specialist to help me detox my body. That was a nightmare. Also have the Doctor Test her Vitamin D2, D3, Calcium and PTH Numbers. Primary Hyperparathyroidism can cause all of your mother’s symptoms too. I have Secondary Hyperparathyroidism and that was also a nightmare to get diagnosed. Maybe she should get tested for food allergies too. You must be your own advocate because Doctors do not have the time to do the research. Get all reports and look up everything and dissect everything, it’s hard and time consuming but it needs to be done. Good luck