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Sun, Sep 15 11:27am · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@reibur1951 Sorry to hear how you keep finding out how much fuller your plate can get. Glad to hear your sticking with the experts, even with the distance and additional pulls on your time lately. May you sleep well at night not just from exhaustion but from knowing how you've put your sick friend's best interest first!

Sat, Jul 20 11:34pm · CT lung cancer screening in Lung Cancer

@joelars You don't need an oncologist to order the annual low dose CT scans that are now on the same list of routine screening for people between 55-80 who currently smoke or quit within the last 15 years as colonoscopies are for people over age 50. And, when mine starting abnormal my doc ordered them more frequently and then turned me over to a specialist when it got to that point. One thing that I've concluded is that the more incompetent the practice the more skeptical the recipient becomes. I second what Merry says about looking elsewhere. You should be able to look through American Cancer Society's recommendations . Or, I've found that US New seems to publish good reports. Until it affected me I never realized how poor most of the hospitals in my area were. A neighbor with breast cancer went from one very local hospital who I wouldn't trust with most things to a place in a nearby state who always advertises in our area and passed away not long after. When I was diagnosed and saw in that report how poorly that place was rated compared to one very good one not far away it infuriated me that their advertising would so easily mislead that woman and her family. In our case, we decided that since we had the ability to drive 7 1/2 to Mayo we chose it. And, I have found that no one has the doom and gloom you are experiencing because the doctors do keep track of why you're there and spend quality time going through things together. Of course, wherever you go people are human but in my opinion, yours is a repeating pattern in people's comments when they'd been to places not specializing in lung cancer.

Thu, Jul 18 5:11pm · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@merpreb Thanks, Merry! No inhalers at this point. And, I knew from my PA at Mayo that from the lung cancer perspective that not returning to smoking was the biggie and for exercise to focus on the cardio stuff, for the lungs. So, that makes sense that COPD would run the same tracks. Guess we can't change the past so need to "stay on the straight and narrow" going forward, huh? Lol.

Sat, Jul 13 11:33pm · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@merpreb Merry- thanks for asking! Time flies- I'm almost ready to hit Mayo for my next quarterly check. And, knock wood, feel better than ever. (I recently noticed that in a yoga class just doing a basic child's pose how my lungs & I feel less "claustrophobic".) On the flip side, I can certainly relate to the fears that come up here with COPD and such after recently seeing how Leonard Nimoy's wife has reached out to get people to wake up to how it so significantly affected him. Knowing that it's there taking a nap in me is just fine on some days and then when someone mentions it I wonder how I got blessed with both it and the cancer!

Sat, Jul 13 11:05pm · CT lung cancer screening in Lung Cancer

@merpreb @colleenyoung I agree that it gets confusing when there's a post without a directon, but I'm pretty sure I've done that myself.
I know when I post by hitting "reply" on your message I expect it to know that it's you whom I'm replying but that doesn't seem like the case! When all the user comments were coming up when they made changes awhile back do you recall if this came up? At the time I hadn't used it enough to have questions like that!

Sat, Jul 6 6:13pm · About ready to scream, been bad month in Lung Cancer

@reibur1951 So sorry to hear all of that together- not exactly a hot dogs & lemonade month! Sending a hug & a prayer from here.

Sat, Jun 29 1:46pm · Just a note: Other health stuff besides lung cancer in Lung Cancer

@alamogal635 I keep reminding myself that we can't change the outcome so the less "free rent" in our head that we give the "terrorist"* I feel improves our overall health. My next CT scan is late July and I've been pretty much able to keep the lurking fear at bay until about 2 weeks before unless someone specifically starts asking about it. (*The local doc here who had to break the news to me said that the good news is "we caught the terrorist in Afghanistan", meaning we caught it early. He was from the Mideastern and had a good sense of humor!}