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6 days ago · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

@qball2019 Keeping you in my prayers for tomorrow. My mom had awful, long term pain and I understand the venting. And, more importantly, need for relief!

Sat, May 11 12:34pm · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@reibur1951 I'm exhausted just reading about your week! I just got back from my first local Relay for Life by American Cancer in Noblesville, IN. The speaker at the beginning mentioned that one of the beneficiaries of the funds are the Hope Lodges across the country. I went up to one of the organizers after to ask if we had one in Indy since I knew someone in Northern IN who had been driving back and forth to Indy. She said no, but when that's the case they work with local hotels to provide options for reduced or free stays. Not sure if that's been info you got that was still out of price range or might help. She said to call 1-800-227-2345 and select option 1 to ask for details. I wish I lived in your area- I'd volunteer to come in to let the dog out and feed them both. It was refreshing to see all the people in our area that provide various assistance I never knew about. If you had any luck with staying in Indy I wonder if they, or even your Vet or one of the local churches or charities (United Way, Senior Services, Meals on Wheels, etc.) would know of anyone that could do that?

Fri, Apr 26 12:01am · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

@reibur1951 @alamogal635 The other thing about IU Simon- when I was doing my homework last year they came up as the best in Indiana. Kinda makes you think that that they, like Mayo, may give more honest answers because they have more confidence in what they are doing! (I hadn't made that connection before but it really jumped out at me here.)

Sat, Apr 20 9:24pm · TO All THIS WEEKEND in Lung Cancer

@ladylake Sending my prayers for your appt. on Tuesday. I'll be there Thursday for quarterly checkup after lobectomy with follow-up chemo last year. We actually travelled last year on Easter Sunday to be in town for first visit that Monday on info I received at home. Been feeling very grateful this week at where I am now versus last year. And, keep picturing the snow we encountered on our April trips last year- oddly, they felt like a blanket of peace rather than an issue!

Sat, Mar 9 10:53pm · Multifocal Adenocarcinoma of the lung-continual recurrences in Lung Cancer

@meka So sorry to hear of your sudden loss and feeling your pain for not being able to get back for Services. Sending my warmest thoughts to help melt your pain- both the physical and the heart.

Sun, Mar 3 10:32am · Facet Joint Injections - Anyone had success? in Spine Health

Hi! I'm a member of the lung cancer and lung health groups who is close to my one year cancer survivor anniversary after successful surgery with follow-up chemo at Mayo. This week we scheduled for my fiance to have cervical facet joint injections to his C3-7 with a local interventional physiatrist. He'll have 3 shots to the left side in 10 days and 3 to the right 2 weeks after that. Since it looks like just about a year since comments specific to the cervical area were in the discussion above I thought I'd throw this "out there" in case anyone has any recent thoughts to share. For background, in September when he was mowing the lawn going uphill he felt like something snapped and gave him burning pain shooting out to the shoulders. He was sure that he tore something. With protocols designed for insurance, our doctor's NP started him on some meds, and moved him on to physical therapy when that didn't solve it. We were hopeful since we have both had great success with PT at a nearby facility, but not this time. So, finally an MRI and with nothing seriously out of whack our doctor referred him to the physiatrist. My question is whether anyone found success with anything else without going this route (Mayo site lists TENS as one of the therapies) ? His question is whether anyone would recommend it or not. The doc said that 90% of people have success with no further treatment, which surprised me since I've never heard results that good on lower back issues. I appreciate comments by @lyssia confirming that it's worth doing but my skepticism on permanence is justified. Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Sun, Feb 10 11:09pm · A Survivor: Meet @merpreb in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@merpreb @colleenyoung Wow, this is so great- I really feel like I just met you in person. And, thanks, Colleen, for sharing with us. Merry- I now see that we have dogs with a minor in cats in common! Also, I'm at East coast native who grew up near the beach on Long Island (but now am in Indiana). Just this summer we got a good week's vacation all over the northeast and for the first time ever I took the ferry from LI to CT. We then spent 2 nights outside of Newport (we took our dogs, so stayed at a LaQuinta .) One aside for both of you- I got so busy the past 2 weeks I thought it was odd that there were no emails of any activity in these groups but I didn't pursue. I found everything today in my SPAM folder- I guess I accidentally hit that on one of the last emails I read around 1/28- oops! Well, glad to know I hadn't been "kicked out" or such- (

Sun, Feb 10 10:51pm · Is it possible to develop lung disease from high impact auto accident? in Lung Health

Will keep you in my thoughts & hope that one way or the other you find comfort when you get to the pulmonologist. I hope you'll keep us posted.