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Sun, Feb 10 11:09pm · A Survivor: Meet @merpreb in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@merpreb @colleenyoung Wow, this is so great- I really feel like I just met you in person. And, thanks, Colleen, for sharing with us. Merry- I now see that we have dogs with a minor in cats in common! Also, I'm at East coast native who grew up near the beach on Long Island (but now am in Indiana). Just this summer we got a good week's vacation all over the northeast and for the first time ever I took the ferry from LI to CT. We then spent 2 nights outside of Newport (we took our dogs, so stayed at a LaQuinta .) One aside for both of you- I got so busy the past 2 weeks I thought it was odd that there were no emails of any activity in these groups but I didn't pursue. I found everything today in my SPAM folder- I guess I accidentally hit that on one of the last emails I read around 1/28- oops! Well, glad to know I hadn't been "kicked out" or such- (

Sun, Feb 10 10:51pm · Is it possible to develop lung disease from high impact auto accident? in Lung Health

Will keep you in my thoughts & hope that one way or the other you find comfort when you get to the pulmonologist. I hope you'll keep us posted.

Sun, Feb 10 3:50pm · Is it possible to develop lung disease from high impact auto accident? in Lung Health

@sallynn I just saw this and did a double take because it sounds like the same situation my friend has been fighting for a couple of years. This year seems to be the first where they've gotten her meds such that things have calmed down. After getting non-stock bouts with bronchitis she swore that it was the material in the airbag that caused it. No surprise, she wasn't able to find anything online to support her theory, but I wanted to pass it along for you to ponder and discuss, if you think it's a possibility with you.

Sun, Jan 27 7:19pm · Do you feel lonely because of social restraint? in Lung Cancer

@merpreb @annhd1420 I believe I was in the same zone as Ann. I didn't think you were looking for sympathy at all. But, when I got to thinking through it I realized the group exercise outlet really kept me from even giving thought to the people I hadn't heard from or irritated me along the way. I'm thinking that's partly because of the physical aspect and partly because the people in class are, in a sense, neutral parties/fellow journeyers. So, I might have skipped over the constraints aspects but hopefully this will help someone else who wasn't aware of these outlets.

Sat, Jan 26 11:49pm · Do you feel lonely because of social restraint? in Lung Cancer

Merry, I've been fortunate that no one has reacted in a negative manner. I do think there have been some who have done the avoidance thing, but I know I've been that way with people because I've been unsure what to say. I actually think everyone's habit of texting has helped, because it has made it a bit less uncomfortable for people to check in that way when they're unsure. (And, once the ice is broken it's easier for one or the other to say "I'll call you now.") But, if you're feeling isolated do you have the access/ability to get to something like the Livestrong programs offered at some YMCAs (or, if not, maybe a nearby SilverSneakers program? ) I've found the structure along with the good-naturedness of the people who attend classes like this to be very uplifting, even if I don't exchange more than a few pleasantries with a neighboring participant before or after. When I was recuperating from surgery my regular instructor suggested the Silver Sneakers classes and only the instructor knew why I was attending. Once my surgery healed and then I wrapped up chemo my PA at Mayo said cardio was the best thing I could do for my lungs, so I got more conscientious about finding classes. For the first time in my life instead of looking for reasons to not go I'm depending on them for both the physical and mental lift, and the break from responsibilities and sometimes life's aggravations (both self-inflicted and otherwise).

Thu, Jan 24 9:43pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Merry, Not sure what you are looking for specifically? They did blood test and CT scan and there were no issues, so I'm good till next check up. Am I missing something?

Mon, Jan 21 11:32pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Thanks, Merry! Everything was stable and we came out with a better understanding of the whole check up process. Between some of the comments here and some of the things that have popped in our head the last few months I had my list of questions and she was great with answering everything. Looking forward to next trip in hopefully warmer weather!

Mon, Jan 21 12:12pm · Small Cell Lung Cancer in Lung Cancer

Merry, I've referred to clearing the cobwebs for years! We're at Mayo now for my 6 month check and the cobwebs would freeze if I took a walk outside right now. First time we're making the subway route our first choice- usually I prefer fresh air.