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Thu, Jan 24 11:29am · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer

a closet hypochondriac…. Is what I call myself.
Retired first responder I was aware that I suffered from PTSD, but the three years Since small cell carcinoma diagnosis it has blossomed with anxiety and panic. Learning about Me, triggers, and desires, tendency to isolate… 37 months post treatment I feel fantastic and LOVE This Crazy Life but I do feel like I am always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Sat, Jan 19 9:59am · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

Thank You ❤️ My small cell carcinoma was found very early (due to blood in my urine) Told by my urologist that it was T3 and that a radical cystectomy would be scheduled next …. Met with my Oncologist Radiologist (he had just transferred from Mayo to Roger Maris)
Both my Oncologists agreed on treatment plan much like for small cell Lung Cancer. Chemo and radiation and by the Grace of God my bladder has been saved and is checked regularly and working wonderfully

Sat, Jan 19 9:26am · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

I am feeling amazing 38 months clear! See The Urologist and Oncologist now every 6 months

Fri, Jan 18 9:59pm · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

38 Months Clear…. and Happily Healing! I Listen to body more (maybe too much) eating better, laughing more. Praying for you!

Fri, Jan 18 9:27pm · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

38 months ago I rang the Bell on Thanksgiving Day 2015. 30 Radiation treatments, 5 Chemo (3 days each) I see my Oncologist every three months, Now we have moved to every Six Months. Today I am Happy to say I have no sign of the disease. My Chemo was Cisplatin/Etoposid. Those days were long 7 to 9 hours For three days in a row but I had absolutely No Nausea (Gained 40 pounds)
I suffered with most of the normal side effects starting about two weeks after all treatment had ended. God Bless You! I will be praying for your father

Apr 25, 2018 · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

I had 30 radiation treatments and 5 (3day) Chemo session. I suffer from neuropathy in my feet, tinnitus and headaches… but I am really doing great! My heart pounding is A good pound! Yes I am alive!

Apr 24, 2018 · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

i am a year past due! I just found this thread on the web and had to connect!
I too had small Cell Bladder Cancer and completed my treatment 29 months ago now 04/24/18 and my heart pounds … pray and hope you are okay!!
I too have felt the need to connect to other such . Nothing you find on the web gives you much hope when you read “Small Cell”