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Dec 21, 2019 · Solitary kidney health in Kidney & Bladder

I don't really know what it's like to live with 2 kidneys. I had a nephrectomy at the age of 4 (currently 39). I have lived a very normal healthy life. I do watch my labs closely, every 6 months checking levels. And in the last few years I've had a UPJ obstruction that has caused some havok. I am awaiting a surgery in January at Mayo to repair the ureter. I do notice I tire more easily than others, I just attributed that to my poor diet choices, but it could be the single kidney as well.

Apr 19, 2018 · UPJ obstruction - horseshoe kidney / partial nephrectomy in Kidney & Bladder

Hello! I was born with a horseshoe kidney. Diagnosed at 3 years with wilms tumor. Had partial nephrectomy (removed left side). In 2001 my kidney shut down, they did a procedure saying I had scar tissue build up. Everything was fine until 2016 when it shut down again. This time they thought I had stones and placed a ureteral stent. Pulled it 1 month later and was back in the ER with my kidney shutting down again within days. It's been determined that my ureter is coming over a mass from where my kidneys were joined and it's clamping itself off. Luckily I have an apt with Mayo in May to hopefully fix this. Anyone else have this issue?