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Apr 18, 2018 · "Electric Shock" type pain in my scalp! in Chronic Pain

Hi I am certain your pain is from an inflamed /compressed Occipital nerve and not Trigeminal Neuralgia which causes pain on side of head/face. If you press on the area at the base of your scalp there are a bones called the occipital condyles . Press this area between the condyle and cervical vertebrate you should have a feeling of pain/pressure then you know this is your problem. The neck muscles are attached to the condyles and the occipital nerves runs through them. believe the nerve gets trapped between Cervical vertebrate and the Occipital bone causing the pain. I have had the same electrical zaps for years if I turn my head the wrong way so I decided to rbuprofen and a chiropractor to reduce inflammation and chiropractor to release trapped nerve. I suggest a massage esp. Your neck and scalp before chiropractor so you don't and up with a pulled neck muscle. Im sure this will help you!