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Sat, Feb 2 6:03am
Shared my story and recent change in medicine with my Facebook and timelinev

Sep 10, 2018
Sent out date of documentary screening to friends And my timeline

Sep 1, 2018
Shared a Alzheimer’s experience with my facebookn community

Aug 17, 2018
I have shared the storybook of the rejected paitient with all friends on Facebook and linked in

Jul 23, 2018
Just shared the announcement of the film on my facebook friends

Jul 19, 2018
Just today shared a Mayo Clinic article from newsletter on Facebook

Jul 10, 2018
I have shared part of my Mayo Clinic experience and my suggestion to pursue Mayo Clinic treatment to a closed social network

Jul 8, 2018
Just posted information on anxiety treatment on my Facebook friends account - not public

Jun 24, 2018
On Facebook and timelines

Jun 24, 2018
I shared my mayo experience with 3 friends today

Jun 22, 2018
Posted link to the Mayo film on my Facebook page

Jun 22, 2018
Posted news of the Mayo film to my LINe Timeline

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