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Sep 25, 2018 · Booked Mayo for My Son - Now Frightened in Just Want to Talk

The problems started soon after her third dose of the Giardisil vaccine. But She did see several MDs for her GI issues, had endoscopy, other diagnostics. At her wits end, my sister-in-law took her to specialists at University of Michigan.
This happened to my niece

Sep 25, 2018 · No support at home! in Just Want to Talk

Amen to that, Texas Freedom. This illness has taught me how important all you have listed are. and when you mention, "avoiding those I wish", that has never been so important; to protect my health, sanity, and peace. I enjoy a glass of wine nightly

Sep 25, 2018 · Booked Mayo for My Son - Now Frightened in Just Want to Talk

To devsmaj, my niece is 22 and had very similar symptoms a year ago. Hers was found to be a reaction to a vaccine, and has been having good success with a functional MD who works with helping the body expel the vaccine.
I don’t know if your son has had any similar experience. I send prayers for healing

Sep 13, 2018 · No support at home! in Just Want to Talk

Yes!!!!! I just got home from a trip across the country for follow up with University of Michigan’s amazing PULSE clinic, for post-sepsis. I coupled it with a visit to family who also live nearby, many of whom I haven’t seen since being sick. It was a huge trip for me to do alone; none of my immediate (very supportive) family members could travel with me at the last minute. I was blown away by the coldness of several very close family members. I received a similar comment as above from my mother, stating I was “hard to be around” going through this recovery. I cut my trip short and now am recovering from that “vacation”!
I need to pray more
God does offer peace
Psalm 18 has been my go-to.
God bless you all. We all need self-compassion and kindness

May 16, 2018 · Disturbing, detailed dreams in Sleep Health

I too dream very vividly and a lot of action often. My counselor is a Jungian analyst and they’re big into dream interpretation. Many of mine have been scary and fearful, signifying danger. This has been common in my sepsis recovery. It has been recommended that my dreams tell me I’m pushing myself too much and it just amazes me the till this illness has taken on my body, and just how much rest it needs. As I treat myself more kindly and compassionately as prescribed above, my dreams are less fearful. Rest, prayer, meditation all healing. Today I was encouraged to take fish oil which helps with inflammation. This may help the brain

May 7, 2018 · Sepsis in Intensive Care (ICU)

I have been in PT which is helping a lot. They recommended SSRI antidepressants which I finally decided to take starting yesterday. I have been very hesitant to start meds for the change in mentation but am finally realizing that my family needs me (I need) to be strong as possible and these can add support for this difficult time. I also see a counselor regularly which is tremendous helpful as well.

May 7, 2018 · Sepsis in Intensive Care (ICU)

I found so much help through the PULSE clinic at University of Michigan Medical Center

Apr 29, 2018 · Sepsis in Intensive Care (ICU)

Thank you for your personal story and experience with this med. I am still unsure about starting it, as my symptoms improve if I can just have more relaxing time.
I am hoping I can heal with just a lot of rest, gentle exercise, nutrition. I will
Give it another week before I start the med