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Mar 30, 2018 · Limited ROM after total knee replacement. in Joint Replacements

Thank you for sharing your story. It does help to hear when some gets through this. I’m going exactly what I’ve been told to do everyday but no one (except my doctor) has even mentioned scar tissue to me. I decided to call my massage therapist who did wonders for me a few years ago after my second back surgery. He said he can work on me to help break up the tissue but it wouldn’t be relaxing. LOL I went to see him directly after PT yesterday and I think between both, I over did it. I’m going to try every other day with both plus my exercises. I would love to know what you did at home to help the scar tissue.
I don’t even know where to begin. My whole knee is swollen and tight.

Mar 27, 2018 · Limited ROM after total knee replacement. in Joint Replacements

Yup, I think you're correct. I just read some of my PT reports and it all makes sense.

We did not talk much about scar tissue today but I do understand that's partly the cause of my lack in flection.

He is not thrilled that my bend on my own, is only 90°. But he was happy that it's almost straight. Today is 7 weeks so we talked about the manipulation again. He did tell me there is a time frame as when to do it safely. He thinks another week or two is about my limit to get it done safely.

I plan on doing as much PT as I can and really push myself to get past 90 on my own in the next week to 10 days. But to be honest, I don't have high hopes but I'm not a quitter so I will give it my best shot.

I have a friend who had the manipulation done and she said she's never gotten past 90°. Her knee looks like a basket ball but she has no pain. She seems content with that but I know I wouldn't be. I'm a photographer and I need to be able to move around.

My biggest fear, if I haven't mentioned it, is more pain.

I was in a bad accident in 2005 and I've been in chronic pain since, I've had a total of 9 surgeries so far. I was really hoping this would help me a lot. I imagined I'd be walking better which, would help some of that pain.

I will give this my best shot this coming week. Unfortunately we all know that nothing is guaranteed in medicine, that's why it's called "practicing medicine, right?


Mar 27, 2018 · Limited ROM after total knee replacement. in Joint Replacements

Thank you, I did report him to the doctor. And I plan to report it to the head of the department. I never thought of the society or physical therapists, or similar name. Thanks for that idea!

Mar 26, 2018 · Limited ROM after total knee replacement. in Joint Replacements

Hello @JustinMcClanahan and thank you for allowing me to join and thank you for the link!
I'm 7 weeks out from my knee replacement. I had a lot of problems the first 4 weeks because I had a huge hematoma, which added to the swelling after surgery. My drain fell out, I don't even think it was even put in. It was just laying next to me on my bed.

At my first PT, two days after surgery, I had "Range of motion – Initially range of motion 20-86 degrees of the right knee. After interventions patient had range of motion 11-93°." That was a horrific experience with PT, not because of the therapist working on me. There was a PT over seeing a student and he was very hyperactive and annoying, pacing back and forth and playing with a ball, while watching me. He suddenly left the opposite side of the table from my PT, then turned towards me, leaned over, grabbed my ankle and pushed it as hard and a fast as he could towards my butt. I was in shock and the pain made me scream out. He was actually violent! That was the end of my PT.

That night my leg started to swell more, turned redish pink and hurt more than before. I took a picture with my phone and sent to my doctor because I thought it might be infected. I had an x-ray and saw the doctor the next morning. That's when I was told I had a large hematoma.

My range of motion never got back to 11-93° It had actually gotten worse when bending it. I don't know what AROM is or PROM means.
Knee extension: -8dg AROM
Knee extension: -4dg PROM
Knee flexion: 82dg

I saw my doctor again a few days later, the back of my knee turned black. At this point I was told not to go PT and just rest but do my home exercises, which I did.

At 4 weeks they finally aspirated it, it was full of blood. No, it didn't help the pain or swelling once the lidocaine wore off. The doctor was talking about a manipulation at the 4 week mark, and that scared me.

My last visit with my doctor was March 5th and my report reads "the patient has approximately-3 to 90°"

I've been going to a new PT and as of Saturday his report is -5 to 115°

I spent 4 weeks in a hotel because I live 1200 miles away. I've been visiting a relative for two weeks now and go back to see the doctor this week.

He wants to do a manual manipulation because I'm not making enough improvement.

Do you or anyone else know if there are there any other options besides a manipulation?

Mar 25, 2018 · Limited ROM after total knee replacement. in Joint Replacements

I'm sorry if I'm not writing in the proper place here. I'm a newbie ;o) Did you have the MUA? If so did help? I'm facing the same thing and scared to death!