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Wed, Feb 20 4:56pm · Tens in Neuropathy

@peggyn – I have a little cheap tens unit that I got in Target, it is a great help for me when I have back/leg pain, however, not so sure it would help with atrophy. The other problem with that is it is for use in limited areas e.g. one for back/hip, one for shoulder. Manufactured by Icy Hot., not too expensive if you try it and it doesn't work.

Mon, Jan 28 4:33pm · [Tip] Filter your Connect emails into a folder in Just Want to Talk

@colleenyoung – thank you for getting back so soon!!!! I did that once before and it helped, but lately I've been getting so many emails – don't know what caused the problem – maybe I've joined too many 'groups'? bb

Wed, Jan 23 4:09pm · Restless Leg Syndrome in Sleep Health

@susan2018 – maybe I should try to omit the bedtime gabapentin… Agreed – sleeping a few hours straight makes a huge difference.

Wed, Jan 23 4:07pm · Restless Leg Syndrome in Sleep Health

@lioness and @rensacb – thanks for your response – hope dr can help tomorrow. Times I need to drive husband 80 miles to dr and find I am too sleepy to do it! Either way – too much Mirapex or lack of good night's sleep from RLS – too sleepy to drive!!!

Wed, Jan 23 11:13am · Restless Leg Syndrome in Sleep Health

In late afternoon (about 5 pm) I take 1/2 a Mirapex 0.25, gabapentin 100 mg, hoping to avoid RLS when I sit down to watch TV after dinner. Mostly that works, but not always. The problem is — that Mirapex makes me so sleepy! Or maybe it's the combination of gabapentin and mirapex? Repeat that at bedtime, only increase the mirapex to 0.50 and I sleep so well! But that seems to carry over to next day – when I fall asleep any time of day!!! (Even after TWO Starbucks!!!!) Dr appt tomorrow – maybe I can switch back to Requip? Any other ideas?

Sat, Jan 12 3:11pm · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

@johnbishop haha! remembering the one new thing is the problem!!!!

Sat, Jan 12 11:19am · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

@inspect28 and @elizm I agree with elizm re: tonic water. It seems to work for me too – at least for the cramping! Maybe it justs helps with the hydration – but – different strokes…

Thu, Jan 10 9:00am · Restless Leg Syndrome in Sleep Health

@suecreader – stupid question – but where is the patch located on your body?