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Apr 20, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Not quite a month Effexor free and I find myself crying in the car when a corny country song comes on… I realize while I’m blubbering that I hadn’t cried in over a year because I was on Effexor. I lost my temper today too- all internally but it got it the point where I needed to take a nap to calm myself down. I think I might have to take caffeine out of my diet next, I’ve noticed the more I drink coffee and tea, the more I notice symptoms

Apr 20, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

I counted a full 150mg dose = 300 tiny beads- so I made a chart that counted from 300 down to 0 on a sticky note and put it on my bathroom mirror. Every day I would taper I would mark off on the sticky note til I was down to 50 little beads = 25mg. Finally, advice I got from this thread was to just rip that bandaid!

Apr 14, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Tips for withdrawal:
-Let your friends and family know what is going on and ask them for their support – this way if you flake on them because of symptoms they are a little more understanding.
-LAUGH at yourself and your ridiculous emotions- if they come across as inappropriate, they probably are
-Stay away from booze
-CBD will help with brain zaps, anxiety, and nausea
-Exercise on days you feel up to it
-Get plenty of sleep
-Commit to being Effexor free – if you give up now you will just start all over again.
-Know that most MDs will try to treat your symptoms with medications because that is what they were trained to do, this might not be what you need and the meds probably won’t help until the detox is finally over.
-Staying hydrated and eating smaller potions helped with the nausea or maybe it was a result of the nausea?
-Get plenty of carbs! That is what fuels your brain and should help it repair itself.
-Isolate yourself if you are feeling bitter, angry, or irritated. It’s not your loved ones fault that this med changed your brain chemistry.
-Replace negative coping mechanisms like alcohol with positive ones like exercise

Apr 14, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Finally Effexor free!!! It took me 1.5 months- started at 150mg and then removed an increasing amount of the tiny beads in the ER capsule. Week 1: down to 100mg Week 2: 75mg Week 3: 50mg Week 4- 25mg and then I finally just stopped last Wednesday

To say this has been a journey would be an understatement. I always took my Effexor at night and some days the symptoms would escalate right before it was time for my last dose. If I was having particularly bad vertigo or nausea I would increase my tapered dose just a bit to get through that day. I’m still getting brain zaps and vertigo but nowhere near when I first started tapering down. Insomnia is something new – I could sleep 12hoira a day on Effexor with no issues but now I can sleep just 5 hours and wake up feeling ready to go. My emotions are coming back full swing too HELLO THERE ANXIETY! It’s so bizarre having these feelings and passions return after a year of being on Effexor. My friends and family have been warned and I’m quick to let them know if I’m feeling anxious (mostly in the car).

Mar 26, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

I’m so sorry you are going through this. I just had to move to another room because the sound of my boyfriend’s phone was making me angry. Completely irrational to let something so silly to get me heated… yet here I am – alone and angry over something dumb.

But that is just my disease and the withdrawal getting to me. I read a book once that said “you are not your mind” and that really resonated with me. Sometimes your mind is broken, but that doesn’t mean you are broken. You are you, beautifully imperfect. Please know that the negative thoughts don’t define you.

Mar 25, 2018 · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Please do not compare the withdrawal from Zoloft to Effexor- they are completely different for most people.

I am currently down from 150mg to 50mg of Effexor ER and it has taken me about a month. Gradually the side effects have gotten more intense and I am now at the point where the nausea and diarrhea are the most inconvenient side effect.

For some background, I’ve been on this medicine for about a year and a half and used it to transition jobs, move across the country, start a new life. It was GREAT for helping me get out of a bad headspace where stress and anxiety were causing depression. In the past I had been on Zoloft but it stopped working and instead of increasing the dose, I got a puppy. I had barely any issues with getting off the medication, maybe a headache or two but nothing too crazy. But then after a year Med free I was back at the doc asking for help. It’s a hard thing to do to ask for help like that but I learned the hard way that sometimes medication might be the only thing that works when your brain has been high jacked by negative thoughts.

I’ve been wanting to go off Effexor for awhile now but I literally need to take WEEKS out of my life to deal with these side effects. Migraines, diarrhea, nausea, cold sweats, sensitivity to light and sound, not to mention major mood shifts, jaw tightness, and wanting to sleep 15 hours a night. Missing just one dose of Effexor was enough to make me leave work sick. That is one of the reasons I don’t want to be on it anymore. Every doctor, pharmacist, nurse etc doesn’t realize how bad these side effects are, so when you forget to bring your medicine on vacation, expect drama. There is no magic pill that makes it better either, you just need a solid 4 hours for the ER to kick in once you finally get your dose. I’ve never experienced withdrawal to this extent, it’s hard to believe it’s “safe” or even worth it. If I were to get pregnant on this medication- the baby would have to go through theses side effects as well.

Currently I am in a good spot- I have some time, a good support system, and I’m living in a state where cannabis is legal. That is the other hang up- I like to use cannabis to treat my anxiety but that isn’t a treatment method that most doctors consider. It is actually helping a lot with weaning off Effexor. So has exercise, getting plenty of sleep, and always having a bathroom nearby.

The ER tabs are filled with these little beads- my fancy math skills calculated that each little bead is 0.5mg of the drug. So each day I take out about 1-2mg. As I mentioned earlier, I started at 150mg and after three weeks I am down to 50mg. Once I am down to 25mg I plan to just go off. I have a post it counting me down on the mirror of my meidince cabinet.

So far things are going ok. The symptoms are still there but not as bad as if I were to just stop cold turkey. The diarrhea is still at a point where it would interfere with my job and the nausea has been there for about three days now with cold sweats to really bring it all home. I truly can’t wait for this to be over.

Did the drug work? Yes. Would I go through this withdrawal process again? Absolutely not.