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Mar 24, 2018 · Mesenteric Panniculitis - I can't be the only one... in Autoimmune Diseases

A radiologist diagnosed me with MP in 2016 after a CT scan. 6 months later I had another CT scan and it was still the same diagnosis. For fear of having a million dollar work up and still no solutions I tried a different approach. I stopped seeing my GI doc and returned to my primary doctor with the idea that my symptoms seem to return with extreme prejudice when I’m stressed or suffering from anxiety. I asked my doctor about trying medication to control my anxiety or stress and I was prescribed a very small dose of generic Prozac. 10mg Just strong enough to take the edge off. It took a few weeks for the drug to work but eventually my MP symptoms which I refer to as “stomach spells” went away. I realize this might not be the answer for everyone. I can only tell you that I found relief from it. I ran out of Prozac last week and my stomach spells returned with a vengeance this evening right before I was to turn in for the night.
So I decided to post my results of the past 6 months online. I plan to return to my primary doc and continue with this approach. My hope is that I don’t develop a tolerance and eventually have to increase my Prozac dosage but coming from a background in Pharmaceuticals my guess is this will probably be the case eventually. Also I started drinking sparkling water for relief. Belching seems to keep my inflammation down and I grew tired, unhealthy and fat drinking sodas. Zero calorie, zero sweetener sparkling water. Exercising works also if you’re not too bloated or inflamed to actually work out. Make the time to exercise your brain and body will thank you. When all else fails I reach for my tum tum tum tums just like tonight. Find something to read online because it’s going to be a long night.

The deal is we have this issue that is rare and hasn’t been solved yet.
All we can do is treat or try and prevent the symptoms from returning until a cure is found.
I can only assume that my MP is A typical because my GI doc performed a scope and colonoscopy and found no evidence of Cancer, Lupus or anything else that could be underlying but only time will tell.
Wishing you all the best of luck learning to live with this. Should anyone have any other ways of treating their symptoms please share. Maybe your way will work for others including myself.