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Thu, Jul 23 5:13pm · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

First of all with Epilepsy you you should be going to see a neurologist as well as a primary care doctor.
Personally I would be more concerned with staying on Dilantin for such a long period of time. Although an allergic rash is a possibility it would be very very unusual and if it’s Steven Johnson syndrome you’re concerned about as I said in another post that 0.04% probability and also there are DNA tests that can be done to check and see if you may be allergic. Also get a vitamin D level. If you do in fact get the vitamin D level checked I hope you will share your results although I am 99.9% positive you’re low and if I were you I would start a vitamin D3 supplement ASAP. Although I probably wasn’t supposed to advise you to do that I feel it’s more important to give you that information than to follow the rule in this particular case.

3 days ago · Recipes, Food Tips, Healthy Eating & More in Just Want to Talk

Ok feisty you found a place to help you, now can you find me a site to help with my aversion to the dungeon please. Driving home from an out of town bank, I got the courage to make a salad when I got home. I went in and thought some chicken would be good on that salad. Well I should know better than to think by now. But I FINALLY got the chicken finished and what a horrific experience it was. I started at 1pm it's after 4 & no salad.
i’m trying to figure out whether I should go ahead and try to throw a salad together or whether that would finish me off. maybe I should try fasting for the rest of the day. when I think of that vulgar C word starvation doesn’t seem quite so bad.

4 days ago · Generalized anxiety disorder explained by a sufferer in Depression & Anxiety

A positive attitude can work wonders. I don’t understand why you choose to do something positive and then turn it into something negative. Did you ask if any of your ”what if’s” could happen at the time you paid your bill? If you had, wouldn't you have avoided your negative thoughts? Why not be happy and relieved your bill is paid instead of all the negative worrying. I have paid plenty of bills on the last day of the billing cycle and I’ve never had a problem. Even when I have been late making payments because of vacations or whatever they charge me a late fee which is completely understandable however when I notice the fee on my bill I simply call up the company and explain the situation and 99% of the time write the late charge off. Does it do you any good to stress, worry and become anxious about what ifs?

Jun 28, 2018 · Shoulder Replacement Surgery: Range of motion? in Joint Replacements

80 huh!! I’m an old 65, I hate to walk but have been giving it a try. I know a man who walks 3 miles after each meal. I’m lucky to go 3 feet. I’ll try and take your advice, excruciatingly painful as it’s going to be for awhile. Thanks!!!

4 days ago · Looking for the best neurologist in Epilepsy & Seizures

If I were in your situation I would move on to another provider. However if your not ready to do that at least ask for a second opinion or just go get one on your own. Your daughter may well need a higher level of care than what a general neurologist is capable of providing. I would ask the neurologist or the primary care physician for a referral to an Epilipsy Center. Preferably at the Mayo Clinic. There you are not only getting the benefit of an epilepsy specialist, the Epileptologist but an entire team of experts in Epilepsy. These are the Centers have advanced scanning and other technologies that may not have been available or that the previous doctor may not have known of or not offered.
Take care & good luck,

4 days ago · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

I’m afraid you’re going to have to continue to wonder about your brain chemistry since there are no definitive tests to measure it although there is a researcher who claims to be getting close, of course I think we all know what close in the research world means. During the development of anti-depressant drugs by the pharmaceutical companies they mentioned depression was caused by a serotonin
inbalance without proof and it has stuck ever since however no one knows what causes depression or any mental illness. If your doctor suggests you have a chemical brain inbalance ask him to prove it. If he says blood or urine test they are unreliable. if you’re just be getting Effexor Side effects off and go away within weeks to a few months. I hope they soon find the cause and the best treatment.
Wishing you well with your treatment,

4 days ago · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

That’s what happens when an irresponsible person abuses drugs. Propofol wasn’t the only drug he took, what about all the other sedatives that he took prior to the propofol. What other outcome would you expect. Although these medications were prescribed by a doctor, irresponsible as he may have been,Michael Jackson decided to take these medications and therefore must except some responsibility.

Tue, Aug 4 10:15pm · Let’s Go Walking! Join me for a virtual walking support group in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Well I know you say you only eat one but I’m not sure exactly what that means. Maybe one a day although I don’t see how that could be possible maybe its one after each meal maybe its one an hour or maybe it’s one of those giant humongous cookies.
Like I said I wasn’t raised to doubt the word of a lady so what it is. The only question is how often do you eat that one cookie?

“I haven't had either one of them for months!”
The only thing worse than no cookies or ice cream would be no candy and of course that’s unthinkable.