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Sat, Jan 5 10:42am · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

Amber, I can relate to not being wanted. I am the last of six children. I think the first one was absolutely wanted. My mother had three boys. First one, she thought was God's gift–she loved him soo much. Second child a boy, passed away at ten months. Very Sad. Third child a boy. My father was an alcoholic and was so mean when he was drinking. My mother had a girl whom my dad loved. Eight years later, another girl came along–she was hit by a car when she was a toddler. My mother took such good care of her, she adored her. Eighteen months after girl number two, I came along. She was not happy about having another child. Does a child know she is not wanted. She does when her father calls her the black sheep and she gets blamed for everything bad that happens. Scapegoat. My sister was born with beautiful curly hair–me? straighter than a poker. People would say: Isn't she cute, why she's darling, she's beautiful. EWWW, what happened to her (me)? Her hair. My sister could sing beautifully–I couldn't ever carry a tune. She's sing and everyone raved. I tried to sing. Ha Ha I even got kicked out of a kid's church choir. People laughed. I was so embarrassed. Mortified. Told I was ugly when compared to curly Sue. Well, when you believe something, you live with it. My mother loved my father all the days of their lives. They were married 56 years and passed at age 76. I begged her to divorce him. She said it wasn't that easy. She couldn't work at a job. Her legs were ropes of varicose veins. She had so many health issues. Anyway, I married a very handsome, I can't write the words on paper, person who never really loved me. When I was pregnant, he was never home, when he did come home, he had lipstick on his lips and face. Me, nine months pg and he comes home at three am, only God knows where he was. I could write a book about my horrible life and all my operations and illnesses. The only saving grace is, I believe in God and I will have a better life in the future. I want you to love yourself. You were not a mistake and neither was I. God loves you very much. We all do. That's why we are here. To share, to give you a virtual hug. Woogie

Nov 8, 2018 · The Life and Death Comedy Show in Center for Humanities in Medicine

The only way I would be able to see it is if it is recorded. I know I would like very much to see it.

May 7, 2018 · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

I have chronic pain also. I have been to five neurosurgeons tell me I need a rod, plate, screws and a fusion. I have declined as one told me I wouldn't be able to bend over to feed dogs, etc. I live in pain. I am so afraid the screws would only make my osteoporosis worse, fall out, etc. I also have fibromyalgia/ Need surgery on nose to be able to breathe. I have depression. The list goes on. People only laugh when I say I need surgery from my nose to my toes. Oh, I forgot to tell you my toes have decided to curve like a question mark, making me walk on my ingrown toe nails. Since I can hardly breathe, oh, yes, I have sleep apnea. Also, had one saliva gland removed and have Sjogrens Syndrome, dry mouth, full of cotton and it ain't cotton candy!

May 3, 2018 · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

Antidepressants cause weight gain and hair loss. I know from experience. When you are depressed, walking your dog seems to be out of the question. Just leaving your house is monumental. Talking to your dog is actually wonderful therapy. However, after a while, you have to force yourself to get out, mingle with people even if it is going to a store and being nice to the clerk. Going to church, joining a church, joining a women's group at church is great for your wellbeing. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. We don't know what has happened to another person, perhaps you have more in common than you know. God bless you.

Mar 30, 2018 · Video Q&A about Autism in About Kids & Teens

Does a child develop autism after experiencing horrible abuse?

Mar 29, 2018 · Slow degradation of my vision. Seeing a retina specialist in Eye Conditions

I have so many health issues, I just don't want to list them at the moment. However, I do want to share with you this: I wasn't blessed with any musical ability whatsoever. I have no rhythm, cannot carry a tune, cannot dance. My husband told me I danced like Howdy Doody. I was told by my music teach I was monotone. I was even kicked out of the children's choir at church. Yes, it's all true. I just have to laugh at it all. God did give me a great sense of humor. When I get to the promised land, I will sing and dance!