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Apr 15, 2019 · Vision Problems while on Treatment for MAC? (excluding ethambutol) in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I lost a lot of vision my acuity decreased then any light at all there was a glare and my ability to read for nay length of time decreased

Apr 15, 2019 · Has anyone had their home water supply tested for MAC/NTM ? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

There is a greart study that i used to win a case it was done in japan ( the japs are afraid of this bug for sure ans so is china so US is goin to let them do the hard work first) anyways the test was done in hospital and the paople with this bug had it in there bathroom the people that treated them didn't have it in theres. SO where does it come from blah blah blah one study cited the frather yoiu are away form the water tower the more of this bacteria will be in you water supply ( i also used this study to prove it dint come from my water supply as the water tower was in my back yard not less than 100 feet away.)

Jan 29, 2019 · eyes my "Blurry" vision hasn't went away in MAC & Bronchiectasis

12/2017 my eyes were great fantastic now year later taking the big three for 14 months now I have shitty blurred vision and eye doctor examined me and said it is just old age you need glasses ( this is at the same VA that took three plus months to dx the MAC. during that time stomach pain was caused dialtion of aorta and needed open heart surgery for ascending aorta- there was nothing wrong with me it was in my head which I accepted- after digital exam i was told i had syphilis, gonorrhea and cellulitis my GF loved that one- put in isolation due to Hemoptysis,200ml one cough told I just had pneumonia and AFB was neg then frantic call to me at 8 am pronto time three weeks later told hey you got TB and by the way probably HIV GF loved that one too . So yeah im picking bones
WTH soooooooooooooooo need info to confirm blurry vision caused by drugs Mac TB and additional special testing to confirm it not JUST aging but connected to use of drugs and or infection itself. i have the regular ethambutol stuff and some ramfipin but i need something real juicy like there is no definitive testing that 100% confirms nor denies injury to the eyes. also if people are going to court to prove they got this outside their home i just set president at hearing in August that yeah it passed thru the environment from one patient to another. so to recap looking for support for manifestations of eye irregularities causes by TB and or its treatment. Thank you all signed dude whos name starts with licensed Dr. and ends with licensed nurse…..

Jun 3, 2018 · (studies) if ur told this is ubiquitous call BS on "them" in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Topic:The Recovery of Mycobacterium avium-intracellulareComplex (MAC) from the Residential Bathrooms of Patients with Pulmonary MAC 

ABSTRACT:The distribution of Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (MAC) in residences was examined. MAC was only recovered from bathrooms but not from other sites of residences. The appearance ratio in the bathrooms of patients with pulmonary MAC was significantly higher than that in healthy volunteers' bathrooms (P = .01).

The Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex (MAC) is an opportunistic pathogen. However, MAC occasionally causes a progressive lung disease, leading to death, even in patients without a history of lung diseases or immunodeficiency [1]. MAC is widely distributed in rivers, soil, birds, farm animals, public pools, hot tubs, and hot water supplies [2]. In the absence of proof of person-to-person spread of MAC, it is now generally accepted that environmental sources are the reservoir for most human infections caused by MAC [1, 2]. The number of cases of pulmonary MAC disease has been increasing in many countries, especially in advanced countries rather than in developing countries [2]. O'Brien et al. [3] hypothesized that the increased prevalence of MAC lung disease relates to the change in our hygiene habits from bathing to showering. However, the distributions of MAC in individual residences have not been examined. Therefore, we investigated the distribution of MAC in residences to assess the hypothesis of O'Brien and colleagues. Furthermore, we compared the recovery ratio between patients' and healthy volunteers' houses. We also compared the isolates recovered from patients' houses with those from their respective sputum samples using restriction fragment—length polymorphism and PFGE.

Jun 3, 2018 · (studies) if ur told this is ubiquitous call BS on "them" in MAC & Bronchiectasis

(Im very well educated and im not nice to anyone that just regurgitates what they have read or what they have been told so please be mindful of what you read here. ) I was dam lucky to find this study and other was well so here is just a taste for now. Oxygen is ubiquitous in the air we breath that is y we breath it . Most of these physician just vomit up a quick little statement MACTB bacteria(s) is "ubiquitous" and blah blah blah there is no correlation between infected individuals and add (your own noun, and adverb) ( mine happens to be nurses caring for TB and HIV hospice patients in the prison) read the study because it should anger some such as it has me..It comes down common sense. TB bacterie is not ubiquitous it does have common reservoirs ( infected patients perhaps should be called proxy reservoirs, Maybe) but they are reservoirs none the less. Im looking for studies not the regurgitated studies quoted and given too you by your lazy infectious disease provider. Final thoughts to any providers reading this don't be lazy don't say it is not person to person contracted .. say it is low… Aerosolized water (showering those infected macro-aspiration aka coughing, and those on ventalors. ) dont say it is ubiquitous bc that is false. Be smart providers tell you patients family out breaks are common thats just being honest. ( I do respect all BUT I am honestly pissed about the rigidity I have experienced and maybe not purposely done but the untruthfulness of what i have been reading by those that have a platform to speak up)

Mar 18, 2018 · Nursing Occupational theory in MAC & Bronchiectasis

exactly my thoughts… i dont have any family BUT i spit in anapkin now,dont share food or sodas ect… soooooooooooo i dont know but i watch it and again imnot so much looking for person to person "real" TB like the that portrayed inmovies with Doc Holiday isnt isnt vector transmitted. There is a resovior the bacteria it is picked up by the host (please chime in if others have a different take on it.)

Mar 18, 2018 · Nursing Occupational theory in MAC & Bronchiectasis

do yo have anything I can use to support the unknown probability this is contagious.. Anything. Ive been in healthcare for over 20 years– one doctor vehemently said "this is an opportunistic infection"I redirected handed him him to address me as Doctor also and afterhis eyes widened and he sank in Her seat, I responded with all infections-viruses are opportunistic….. So her I am searching for info on transfere and or infections rates and established and unestablished routes of transmission. I want good or "bad" studies. It pisses me off when providers use absolutes. " For instance it was posted MAC isnt carried thru water.. thats BS it is there is a good study that says it is. So if you have read this far u might as well read the rest.( and excuse my typing) The story of transfere of TB is infected person spits on train it drys fulminates into airand bingo new host is born… For "them" to say that MAC is done differently is nonsense. person with mac spits on ground or scrubs it drys (16hour shift) fulminates into a vegetativeenvironment aka nurse aairway and — new host is born. ( Constructive criticism is a blessing please do not hesitate. )