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6 hours ago · Autoimmune attacking my lungs in Autoimmune Diseases

I got a lung biopsy that diagnosed me with BOOP PNEUMONIA!

2 days ago · Autoimmune attacking my lungs in Autoimmune Diseases

samandhuck, I am praying you feel better. Be careful with Prednisone. I think it's an awful drug and I knew one girl who died from it. She took hugh amounts of Prednisone and it put her in the grave. Why do doctors give it out like Candy and won't give it to their own kids? I hate autoimmune diseases. I think we live too clean a life. A Peruvian Shaman told me that. Kids don't play in the dirt any longer. No more playing hide and seek and running around. They would rather sit on the couch and play with their stupid I- Pad Cellphones. It's destroying their brain and they have no social skills. Playing in the dirt and getting dirty will help our immune system not attack everything in sight.

2 days ago · GI Disorder and Internal Shaking in Digestive Health

Teresa, the answer is YES. I not only had shakiness, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, brain fog and other stuff. MC effected my nervous system, my brain, and my heart. The electrical part of the heart. I learned a lot from a great DR. FINE, researcher in the field of irritable bowels problems. He called me and I could barely think straight. My heart was bothering me and I had the full-throttle Cardiac scare. Had tests in the hospital overnight and my heart is fine. It stems from the Gut. I am a RN, but I really did not know what was wrong with me. I was wearing diapers and feeling sick. I wasted a lot of money on doctors who didn't have a clue. When it's your Gut, GI specialists are beyond bad. That's my two cents worth.

2 days ago · Severe Bloating and Distention in Digestive Health

Helen, one of the hallmark signs of Microscopic Colitis is diarrhea, constipation, brain fog, irritability, and abdominal pain. It's hard to diagnose. A biopsy of your colon has to be performed to diagnose MC. Many doctors – GI specialists don't know this. The only thing that helps is change your diet. It is doable. I have MC and I think Celiac. Keep me in touch, Dorothy

4 days ago · GI Disorder and Internal Shaking in Digestive Health

I have Microscopic Coltis, MC. When it comes on, I get shaky, trembling, confusion, and forgetfulness. This disease effects the brain in a big way. Think about all the muscles and nerves you have in your Gut. Takes lots of muscle and nerves to digest food. When things get crazy with diarrhea and constipation, my system goes haywire. I think it also effected my heart. I can tell my body becomes a shaky steam engine. MC is an autoimmune disease that was part of my father's demise.

4 days ago · Autoimmune attacking my lungs in Autoimmune Diseases

I had BOOP Pneumonia. Nothing but inflammation that attack the lungs. Autoimmune? I think so! You can't catch BOOP. It will take you out in the short run but if it comes on slowly, you can grab it by the horns and get rid of it. Of course the pulmonologists want to put you on Prednisone. I was on that crap/garbage for 6 months and the tapering off was hellish. I hate Prednisone. It will destroy your bones and give you cataracts. I hate Prednisone and will never take it again! It was hell and made me crazy along with the pie face and hair loss. I took the bull by the horns and Erythormycin, the antibiotic, will destroy inflammation in the lungs. It takes longer but will do the same as the hellish Prednisone. I got this information from a pulmonolgist who wrote about BOOP PNEUMONIA! He told me to take the antibiotc, Erythomycin -(sorry about the mispelling). Inflammatory bowel issues may be able to be helped by this great and old antibitotc and we don't have to put our body in dire straits with Prednisone. Dr. Fine, an endocrinologist informed me that tissue in our gut and lungs are similar or the same. There's other stuff to take besides deadly Prednisone. Not even doctors prescribe this awful drug to their kids but they give us Prednisone like candy. Bad State of Affairs.

Sat, Mar 16 8:33am · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

Hi @basketcase. I have never heard of elevated ammonia levels and hand tremors. This is another dystonia disease. It mainly effects northern europeans. Blacks and Hispanics don't get this disease unless it's trauma related. It's originates in the brain, maybe the basal ganglia. Not sure. Stress may aggravate it. I had hand tremors for a while but mine spread to my neck and oral mandibular area. Not a nice disease. It's prevelant in Swiss Germans which I am. My mother was too. Not my Dad. But it only takes one parent to inherent this monster. The Amish and Pennsyvania Dutch have it really bad. Keep us informed.

6 days ago · Hand tremors in Brain & Nervous System

Hi Kathystl, that's one dystonia that my family did not have. It's called Dysphonia and I have seen one of JFK's nephew speaking with Dysphonia. Plus another politician has it. Dysphonia effects everyone differently. Nobody is the same.One size does not fit all. At symposiums, I've noticed many with Dysphonia.