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Wed, Jun 10 12:33pm · Dystonia Issues and Deep Brain Stimulation in Brain & Nervous System

Hi, I've lived with Spasmodic Torticollis nearly all my born years. I know more about my disease than many movement disorder neurologists.I went to the best – Dr. Carlos Arce. I've attended many symposiums when Howard Thiel got the ball rolling with Spasmodic Torticollis. I know things that neurologist don't have a clue. I am not a candidate for Deep Brain Stimulation. Did you know that ST is a sensory disease? Yes!

Mon, Jun 1 7:51am · Collagenous Gastritis: What treatment(s) work for you? in Digestive Health

Thanks for your response. No, the silent Celiac Disease did not stunt my growth. I grew like a weed till I turned fourteen. I was always feeling sick. Some days were good and some not good. My brain would work one day and not work the next. I had no idea what was wrong with me.Plus the histamine foods. I would get a runny nose and congestion. I have Scandinavian blood in my veins too. Quite a few ancestors from Norway and Denmark. A few from Sweden. Ahh, to be Swedish! Lucky you! The girls are beautiful in Sweden.My husband and I just stared at the girls. They're gorgeous! Plus the guys are handsome too. Good looking people for sure.

I refuse to take medication. Drugs have side effects so I take minimal medications. Prednisone and all it's side effects will destroy your bones and you can develop cataracts. Every drug has a side effect. Prednisone is a horrible drug that doctors give out like candy but won't give it to their own children. I think diet is the key! It is for me!

Sun, May 31 9:30am · Collagenous Gastritis: What treatment(s) work for you? in Digestive Health

I have Microscopic Colitis and Silent Celiac Disease. I've had Silent Celiac Disease since an infant and nobody knew. No diarrhea, just extreme abdominal bloating, pain, brain fog and fatigue. I see it plainly and clearly in my baby photos. I'll be honest, I don't know if Celiac Disease is autoimmune or not. Now I have this darn autoimmune disease – Microscopic Colitis. Doctors, GI specialists don't have a clue how to treat this stuff. Plus I don't trust them. Not in my area of the woods. I contacted Wayne Persky's site – Microscopic Colitis, and it's been a God Send. I take only a few Pepto Bismol tablets and Cholestyramine. It's an old cholesterol medication that stops the non-stop diarrhea. Plus it helps with my cholesterol. Double Bonus! Yea! Eating is the Key. I basically eat a caveman's diet.You need to find out what's making your life hell. I had it so bad where I was having diarrhea about 25 times per day. I lived on the toilet.Couldn't leave home.

GET YOUR STOOL TESTED! I used Dr. Fine's Enterolab. I found out what I could eat – what I couldn't eat. It saved me. Eating out is a problem. I have found only two restaurants I trust. Just the other day, I was starving.Stopped at a restaurant I didn't know. I told the waitress NO SOY! All I had was scallops and they were soaked in Soy Sauce. You can't smell Soy Sauce. It looks like olive oil, I can digest. They gave me scallops soaked in Soy Sauce. I was in Big Trouble.Diarrhea for days!

Eating out is a NO NO. No gluten, no soy, no legumes, no dairy, nothing sharp to digest, no citric acid fruit or histamine containing foods. The list is long. I am sticking to my diet because my gut has to heal.I have a double whammy – Celiac and Microscopic Colitis. Plus I check food ingredient lists. The food manufacturers have a lobby group to protect them.What does that tell you? They are putting stuff in our food that is killing us.Since when did the government care? Maybe back in the 1950s.I don't know. I don't trust them one iota. To be safe, it would be best if we grew our own food and slaughtered our animals for protein, because we don' know what the food manufacturers are putting into our food. Have you seen the increase in cancer, dementia and Alzheimer disease? It's on the rise and I blame it on the food we are eating. Burger King puts out Whoppers that could feed a large family. No wonder people are FAT! FOOD is the ENEMY! Plus you don't know what's in the meat!

The whole idea of eating out has become dangerous! We need to get back to basics and grow and slaughter our own food. People were healthier back in the day because they knew what they were eating. Healthy food.Now we are plagued with diseases that are killing us.So the next time you go grocery shopping, check the ingredients. If you see a word you don't know, don't buy the food. Buying Organic is not the answer. The food manufacturers are putting crap in Organic Foods too! To be safe, eat at home and watch closely what you buy. Check ingredients.

Sat, May 9 4:13pm · Multiple autoimmune diseases in Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are no fun. Dorothy

Mon, Feb 24 8:30am · Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia (COP): Any success in treating? in Lung Health

HI y'all. I don't know about this type of pulmonary disease. My disease was BOOP PNEUMONIA. For one thing, Boop is not contagious and the problem is INFLAMMATION! Your lungs on X-ray are white. It's deadly in many ways but mine was caught early or late. Either way I survived. I used Prednisone and it nearly killed me. The drug is our enemy! I'd rather die that take that stuff. I looked on-line and found a book on BOOP and ordered it. Written by a wonderful caring pulmonologist MD. You can use an antibiotic, it'll take longer but it's better and easier on the body than Prednisone. That stuff literally drove me mad. Doctors don't give their kids Prednisone, but give it to us like candy.Grrrr! I used my hospital in Savannah and we have horrible health care in this town. I have silent Celiac Disease and Microscopic Colitis. MC is an autoimmune condition and is INFLAMMATION. I see a trend here. INFLAMMATION is a big problem in our body. It was hell in my life and Prednisone was an awful experience I will never revisit.

Mon, Jan 27 8:31am · GI Disorder and Internal Shaking in Digestive Health

Oh, don't even talk about Beaufort, SC, hospital. I had a diabetic low in Beaufort, and taken to the hospital and treated like an alcoholic. They are beyond bad! I was wearing a Dexcom, information stating I was a diabetic and they did all these tests to pad their wallet. They performed an ethanol test and treated me like an alcoholic.I refused to pay the bill and will never pay it.Do what they may, but they will never see a dime from me. SCAM HOSPITAL!

Mon, Jan 27 8:20am · GI Disorder and Internal Shaking in Digestive Health

One more thing y'all. Our gut is our second brain. My troublesome spot is "BRAIN FOG." I had it so bad that I was putting laundry in the fridge, couldn't find things that I laid down, and my brain was crazy. I'm a RN and didn't realize this. I was thinking another autoimmune response disease. My father had the same thing before he passed at age 50. He was a Type 1 diabetic (another autoimmune disease) and I too have Type 1 diabetes. Then his gut started and GI specialists didn't know what to do. They still don't know what to do. I have zero confidence in GI specialists. Medical schools are not teaching something of dire importance – Microscopic Colitis.This is a difficult disease to deal with and people are suffering.

Sat, Jan 25 8:54am · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Hi y'all, I was born with silent Celiac Disease. Always been shaky and felt like an inner explosion going off inside my body. I learned to live with it and nobody could help me. I didn't know what was going on after seeing doctor after doctor. I've seen my big bloated stomach in photos as a kid. My Mom was too busy taking care of my sick father. About 15 years ago, I experienced explosive diarrhea and lost tons of weight. I was diagnosed not by a doctor but a support group on line with Microscopic Colitis. I take no drugs. I won't touch Prednisone or steroids. This is maintained by Diet and diet alone. I eat NO carbs, everything is soft, and many things I can't eat. Soy is a big NO NO! Grocery shopping is a chore because I check every ingredient before I buy the item. Food manufacturers are killing us.They've hired big lobby groups to protect them. In my humble opinion, I think they are one of the reasons why we're seeing stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer and other maladies on the rise. Back in the day, we butchered our own animals and we knew what what we ate was pure. We grew our own foods.Wayne Perskey or Tex, made aware of Microscopic Colitis and he's written books and helped us with our diet. I have no confidence with the majority of GI specialists. They don't have a clue. You maintain this autoimmune disease by Diet. You can mail in a simple stool sample to Dr. Fine and you will find your culprits and what not to eat. I take Magnesium because our soil is depleted of nutrients plus I take D3 all for healing. I have a long way to go, but I am a fighter. No drugs, the drug manufacturers think everything is a pill. I can't stomach them. I think they want us sick to get richer and richer. They are not our friends.

If y'all want to know more about our support group, give me a holler. Eating a caveman's diet is not easy…but it's doable.