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Sun, Nov 3 6:03pm · MAC Treatment: When will I see side effects? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Oh and also, the first month I was on the Clarithomycin, Ethambutal, and Rifampin, I was pretty sick from the side effects. My Infectious Disease doctor told me it takes about four weeks for your body to adjust to being on the medication and then the side effects are milder. In my case that was true but I know it’s different for everyone.

Sun, Nov 3 5:57pm · MAC Treatment: When will I see side effects? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

I was on Clarithomycin instead of Azithromycin. The Azithromycin made me too sick – stomach wise. I do t know if the Clarithomycin causes tinnitus or not though. I had tinnitus before ever starting the meds.

Sat, Nov 2 7:15pm · MAC Treatment: When will I see side effects? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Not everyone has the side effects. 🙂

Tue, Sep 24 8:15pm · Whole-House Air Purifier Systems in Lung Health

We have a Honeywell electronic air cleaner system with UV light. It does produce a wee bit of ionize but has never caused me any problem. I have 1 and 1/3 lungs due to lung cancer in 2015. I was treated three years for MAC. I also have Bronchiectasis, Emphysema, Asthma, and allergies. The air cleaner has been a godsend.

Thu, Jul 11 5:00pm · Lichen sclerosus anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Sorry to hear you have been dealing with this for so many years. I’ve been lucky that the Clobetasol ointment usually keeps mine from getting too bad. I do have a lot of scar tissue though. Take Care. 🙂

Thu, Jul 11 10:56am · Lichen sclerosus anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi! The Clobetasol propoipinate is the only thing that has worked well for me. I was miserable before my Primary doctor prescribed it. You do have to be careful to not use more than couple times per week so it doesn’t thin the tissues. I My Gynecologist was prescribing me flucinonide but that just didn’t work well enough.

Tue, Jun 25 11:43pm · Lichen sclerosus anyone? in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi! I have had Lichen Sclerosis for 15 years or more. My first suggestion is that you find a new doctor. There are prescription medications for the condition and there’s no excuse for your doctor blowing you off like that. I use Clobetasol Propoipinate two – three times a week and it has helped greatly. I used to have areas break open and bleed like you mentioned. Since being on the Clobetasol, I don’t have that happen anymore. With the right treatment it gets better so hang in there. Take Care. 😀

Tue, Jun 4 5:07am · Applying for Disability in MAC & Bronchiectasis

That’s crazy to be penalized like that.