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2 days ago · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

@jodeej @jolinda @rosemarya I had shingles in Feb this year. It was very painful. I'm nervous about getting the vaccine in case it wakens the virus again. I was one year post transplant then.

Thu, Jul 23 4:07pm · Timing of Liver Transplant for PSC in Transplants

@rosemarya isn't it funny how the first thing your kids notice is that you're not yellow anymore! My kids were the same ❤

Sun, Jul 19 10:00am · Tacrolimus: Temporary Cessation in Transplants

@rosemarya Hello Rosemary. The pancreatitis has settled to less bouts of nausea and no pain. I was given a reduced dosage of tac from 1mg to .5mg. I still feel a bit wobbly and dizzy at times. I have a phone in appointment with my hepatology team this Wed morning. I'll go over my concerns and get their feedback on my last labs. I'm just thankful the stent is out and seems viable. My next few set of labs will either confirm or deny this is the case. The liver function seems to be doing quite well.

Sat, Jul 11 8:32am · Writing to Your Donor's Family. in Transplants

@jodeej I have no idea about my donor, the family or how she/he died. I hoped that I didn't upset anyone with my letter (if they even read it) but I kept it focused more on the donor than myself. I also didn't ramble about my own journey to the transplant but what I had to look forward to with the giift of life.

Sat, Jul 11 8:24am · Writing to Your Donor's Family. in Transplants

@funk8nguy I started my letter with condolences and heartfelt sorrow for their loss. I acknowledged the value of the life that was lost and that my life was saved and how grateful my kids, family and friends were.

Sat, Jul 11 8:17am · Writing to Your Donor's Family. in Transplants

@jodeej I also sent a letter to my donor's family on my one year transplantversary . I havent heard back but I feel better knowing that I reached out to them and expressed my gratefulness.

Fri, Jul 10 4:22pm · Transplant anti-rejection medications. What's your advice? in Transplants

@jeanene several of us have had the same problem. I was advised to take Biotin and I did for a few months. My hair is now thicker and softer than it ever was before.

Fri, Jul 10 4:19pm · Tacrolimus: Temporary Cessation in Transplants

@azdan99 I'm so happy to hear you're doing so well. That is fabulous ❤ I only take .5 mg tac twice a day. The cellcept and prednisone were dropped about 4 months post transplant. I seem to be doing very well so far. 🙏🙏