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Mon, Sep 2 5:12pm · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

@lindajo I am 8 months post transplant (liver) and am just starting to feel less lethargic. The first 6 months I was very fatigued and my mood was low. At times I felt no better than my pre transplant self. My last minor surgery (I had 4 post transplant surgeries due to blocked bile ducts) was June 3rd this summer. That set me back a few months but I'm slowly bouncing back. It will take time to start to feel "normal" again. Everyone is different and the amount of time is different person to person.

Sun, Sep 1 8:18pm · What do you do when your temperature goes Up, Up,..? in Transplants

That's one of the first questions my doctor asks at an appointment "have you had any fever?). They are always concerned as that can be the first sign of infection or rejection. I have always been told to monitor myself and if the fever gets too high for a day or more to go to the ER. I was subscribed Septra for the 12 months after surgery. I take a fever pretty seriously if it doesn't come down after 24 hours.

Wed, Aug 21 9:04am · What about cruising post liver transplant? in Transplants

@silverwoman my transplant was 11/28/18. I have been on a few cruises but have decided not to go that venue for vacationing just for the reasons you listed. I think I will wait at least another year before I go on a cruise so that I am completely familiar and comfortable around food choices. Aboard ship they cook on a grand scale and I believe I would avoid the buffets and attend meal service plans in the restaurants. This also goes for all inclusive island vacations. Same thing, the food is not necessarily to our code of standards (and in Canada they are pretty high ). I really want to go south this year but may wait until at least the fall of 2020 before making any real plans. Those are just my thoughts though.

Tue, Aug 20 6:59pm · Airport X-ray results in Transplants

@contentandwell I know this sounds way out there but have you had an xray to make sure the surgeons didn't mistakenly leave something metal in you? Crazy I know but it has happened.

Sun, Aug 18 9:19pm · Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant. in Transplants

@jodeej thanks so much for the clarification action. I hadn't even thought of that. This is why I love you guys so much.

Sun, Aug 18 12:42pm · Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant. in Transplants

@melinda I fail to see the reason why cantaloupe (or any melon) and pineapple should prove unhealthy. I cut the flesh away from the rind. None of that touches my lips or is ingested. The same with bananas I don't eat the peel. Am I missing something?

Sun, Aug 18 12:37pm · Post liver transplant fatigue in Transplants

@des46893 I am 7 months post transplant and am almost always fatigued. I can't attribute it to any one reason. I am going with the flow resting and napping as needed. I'm assuming (because I don't know) that this will pass in time.

Wed, Aug 7 10:35pm · Your best tips for raw food safety post transplant. in Transplants

@contentandwell yes I always wipe tins before opening and I don't drink directly from a can. I use a glass or a straw.