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3 days ago · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@contentandwell thank you so much for your help. I will definitely ask my transplant team as well.

3 days ago · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@caro72 I met quite a few people from the North Bay area here in London at the transplant clinic at University Hospital. I hope you get the answers you are looking for.

3 days ago · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@rosemarya Hello. It is cool here but the crocus are poking through.
I am starting to eat more solids without pain. Tastebuds are still way out of whack and certain food textures (like bread) are still compromised. I am moving April 1st so I've been pàcking boxes to keep busy.
I do have a question though. What are your thoughts on swimming in public/private pools, oceans and lakes? I'm concerned about bacteria in the water.

4 days ago · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@jeanne5009 the only thing that cured my itching was the actual transplant. It was a long 16 months but it's mostly gone now.

4 days ago · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@caro72 hi there. I also am from Canada – London Ontario. I had a liver transplant Nov 28 2018. Where are you from? Which hospital are you referred to?
I would be asking my doctor a lot of questions. Are you seeing a hepatologist? Has a transplant been mentioned or alternative medication been prescribed? Until you know your MELD score and have been referred to a specialist you will not be placed on a transplant wait list (if needed). If they are taking blood monthly ask what they are testing for. Just a few suggestions. Research and the good people on this site will help with any questions you have based on their experiences. We are all here to help.

6 days ago · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@rosemarya Hi Rosemary. I am at home niw building up strength. My next ERCP is this Wed. Praying this time is the charm.

Thu, Mar 14 11:27am · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@bikermike Hi there. Thank you for your encouragement. I don't know if they will continue trying the ERCPs. It has been mentioned that perhaps another transplant may be a possibility. I had my transplant done at the transplant clinic in London Ontario at the University Hospital. We have a whole floor and medical team dedicated to transplants. My next ERCP is scheduled for Wed Mar 20th. Last 2 attempts ended with me being hospitalized for severe pancreatitis. Very painful and no food for 8 weeks. I'm still recovering. I'm praying this 3rd attempt is successful.

Wed, Mar 13 12:46pm · Liver disease itching in Transplants

@bikermike I am going through the exact same thing. My transplant was Nov 2018. They have been unable to place a stent in my bile duct after several attempts. Right now I have an internal and external drain. I also had to be opened up and reoperated on due to an artery that need to be regrafted. I'm hoping next ERCP will be successful.