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Mar 6, 2018 · Treatment for chronic epstein barr in Infectious Diseases

My 15 yr old son was diagnosed with mono 5 months ago. He continues to suffer with chronic fatigue, and headaches. 3 years ago he was diagnosed with Henoch Schonlein Purpura which seems to have significantly compromised his immune system. That was three years of chronic fatigue, joint pain and migraine headaches. He was feeling almost himself again when he came down with Mono. I have found medical journal info on a possible like of Epstein Barr and HSP, but they tend to discuss EBV being a trigger to HSP not the other way around like my son has had them. I am at a loss and it is frustrating to continue to see doctors who have no answers. He has found that eating 3-4 coffee beans takes the headaches to a reasonable level. No cure for the chronic fatigue. He takes vitamin D with K, fish oil and has a high protein high fat diet. Vitamin C gives him bowl troubles. He has been able to gain back some of his weight loss, but no increase in his energy levels. I may try again an adrenal supplement which seemed to help slightly with the lack of energy. He still sleeps 14 hours a day and hasn't been to school in 4 months. I feel for all of you going through this personally or with kids. I continue to hear from others who've dealt with this virus that it will get better. It's just hard to wait and meanwhile watch my son's youth slip by without him.